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Groc, TV, CD, DVD, Car, Vet

The usual breakfast at about 8:30, out of salad greens and cucumber so off to GO, charged the car and shopped for half an hour. Plucked a few more frozen dinners.

Home, plugged in the car to get the last 12% charged.  Poured in more washer fluid.

Checked with the three car transport companies, one would not deliver to a storage facility if needed, one wanted $1k to pick up on a specific day, wanted a 5-day window for their reasonable price. The third was a little more expensive but had no problem with a 2-day window and storage. He'll get back to me when he has a shipper. The plan is Feb 28-29, maybe I'll be in LV in time March 1 for pickup. Depends on how long the transport takes.

Watched DrWD40 metal detecting on the beach in, I think, Florida. Many familiar names in chat. Also got in on the daily ride, which was early today.

Lunch was salad and a GO special Kraft kid's meal with mac & cheese, BBQ chicken bits and cooked carrots. Watched the Australia Open recorded at about midnight. Two youngsters, Osaka and Gauff. Disappointing, neither of them played their best and Osaka, who was heavily favored defending champ, gave it away.

PTI was kinder to them than I, but emphasized two things: they are the future and they are close personal friends.

Andy Cohen had the cast of the stupidly named show, father and son combined for a total of 16 lbs of black eyebrow hair.

A friend in WA sent me two discs. A CD of a Scottish group playing allegedly Scottish dances, and a DVD of a Sci-Fi channel show called The Lost Room. It was very confusing at first, but by the end of the disc all became clear. And then when I put the DVD back in the case I saw I had played Disc 2. Had not seen Disc 1 in the fancy case. I've seen enough, though, especially of Margaret Cho. There are some impressive special effects, the thugs are cast to a T, Kevin Pollak is superb as a plain looking guy who will stop at nothing to solve the puzzles and get his son back. He goes from zero to sinister in 2 hours. I won't play the first disc, too many reveals have spoiled it.

The Scottish dances were not very good. Mostly a tin whistle and a drum, some wispy other accompaniment. She sent me the CD because I had posted a real Scottish dance which I play on piano, and could not remember a second one. This was none of the above.

Several shows I had one pass last year on Tivo are back again, but the one pass did not follow them. Fixed that and added one more.

Another thing I need to do is arrange Medicare coverage in NV. After my trip or after I have an address.

All the other Nevadafication needs to wait till I'm moved in.

Sliced some meat from a smoked turkey leg and nuked half a can of beans for dinner.

Plans for tomorrow:
If I get up in time, 9 am coffee with my state senator.
Drive out to Eastgate Mall for the Tet celebration, photo op. Wanted to take light rail but they don't go all the way there.
Gold Rush on Tivo

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