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In other news, the house is finally well and truly sold, but the original Valentine’s Day close of escrow went out the window when we found out that the mobile home park manager did not understand the mobile home park owner company’s rules for age/income and gave the buyer’s realtor wrong info. It works like this:
The buyer is a couple. One of them is 55, but does not have the required 3x the monthly rent. The other one, who does have the $ won’t turn 55 till April 6.  The company requires the person with the $ to be within 30 days of being 55.

In return for having to stay an extra month, we were able to bump the price up $2k which is about what mortgage + rent I’ll owe for the extra month.

The timeline now is:
Feb 6-9 visit Las Vegas and pick out a house in Tropicana Palms, the mobile home park I originally had picked.
Feb 24 sign the escrow paperwork
Feb 25 veterinarian’s to get a travel health cert for Spook
Feb 26-27 Pack & move (movers will do the packing)
Feb 28 have cleaners and hazmat in
March 1  Fly with Spook to LV
March 6 escrow closes

Somewhere in there my car gets hauled to LV and I’ll pick it up. I may need to park Spook in a pet hotel and myself in a motel for the first week of March.

So there you have it, subject to the usual caveats:


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