Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

My aching back

Up on time, Spook had been laying in front of the mirror playing with Koops since about 6:30.

Finished my online stuff in time to go to Sen. Jerry's coffee meeting. Meeting was supposed to start at 9, I got there at 9 but he was already speaking to a more than full house.  Not even standing room, so after a try at both sides of the place I went home. Clocktower holds about 20 people on a normal day, there were probably 75 in there.

Plans to go to the Tet festival were ditched due to foggy/chilly conditions and laziness.

Salad and frozen lunches for lunch and dinner.  A couple of streamers to watch, one in IL in the snow, the other in LV at a kid's football combine chilly sunny day.

My flight to LV is on el cheapo Frontier Air, which doesn't even let you bring a carry-on or reserve a seat without a fee. But they offer a bundle which includes that and priority boarding, and the bundle fee brings the price to about the same as Delta or Southwest. So I spent some time doing the price comparisons and adding those.

Tropicana manager called, we chatted a bit, and we have an 11 am appointment 2/7 to look at houses. So I spent some time on their web site, made a spreadsheet of the 9 houses in my price range and chose a favorite. But seeing them in person will help. She's fine with an escrow to escrow payoff, we'll talk more about that on the 7th.

Got a happy new year text from a Vietnamese friend.

Earworm was extracted by playing it on the piano.

Snailmail from my urologist congratulating me on a healthy prostate. PSA test numbers were normal. A few years ago they got out of whack from a pair of E. Coli infections.

Snailmail from the new Quicken mastercard people with the codes and instructions to let Quicken download from the card automatically. Their jargon sucks - what they call my ID for Quicken downloading is not the ID I use to log into the web site.

Printed out the rent/utilities check for Feb. but will wait till the funds from the brokerage account land in checking before I bring it over. Need to chat with the park manager about how to pay the partial March rent and utilities.

Looks like the #20 tenants have arrived. Maybe. An older man driving a brand new Toyota Camry or maybe Corolla, and a young man driving an attack vehicle with Texas plates. They look like they may be dealer plates, though they may be commercial as I understand Texas charges vehicles of a certain size as commercial regardless. No moving van. And they did not stay overnight.

Sat outside early afternoon for a bit, it warmed up enough and there were hummingbirds. A finch landed on the feeder but didn't know what to make of it.

Watched Gold Rush Fails and then half of the regular 3-hour Gold Rush.

Conflikt is live streaming the concerts, but it's being done from a camera or tablet from the back of the room so even playing the saved videos doesn't work because you can't hear the singers.

Worldcon is in New Zealand in August, I may have to re-think my decision to not go since I may be able to afford it after all. If not, then Seattle Westercon in July.

Graham Norton was very good. Patrick Stewart, Jamie Foxx, the ditzy Ab Fab gal, and one of the Black Panther stars.

Emailed my move schedule to my sisters.

Plans for tomorrow:
It's supposed to rain, but if it doesn't I may go to the Tet festival. Or the Thai temple.
Play piano
Take out the garbage


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