Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Two Daze

Forgot to write anything yesterday [Sunday]. Not a lot to write about, went shopping at GO specifically to get bleu cheese dressing, olives and one or two frozen dinners or lunches.

They did not have bleu cheese dressing. Bummer. So I bought a huge bottle of ranch and a container of crumbled bleu cheese. Olives they had. The frozen meal was salmon bake. Two small fillets in a pan with sauce built in.

Charged the car while I was at it.

Home, and stayed there. Lots of the day was watching the Pro Bowl, which was a hoot because no one was taking it seriously, especially the refs. This was far and away my favorite play:

And also an example of my pet peeve about broadcast games - they were talking over the action, ignoring the game, to spout their agenda topic. Unfortunately this game they let be overshadowed by Kobe Bryant's as yet unconfirmed death.

The helicopter crashed, no survivors, but TMZ et al jumping to conclusions based on whose chopper it was. And then CNN even interrupted the impeachment hearings for their speculation. And it was all Kobe all day.

Speaking ill of the dead time: I was the opposite of a fan of his, or the Lakers. But he totally lost my respect when he got caught cheating on his wife and bribed his way back into her life with a $4 million diamond. The marriage was on the rocks for years.

Phone call from the Vegas park manager, we set 2/7 11 am to get together and look at houses. I spent about an hour building a spreadsheet of houses on their web site which I can afford.

Spc Price Garage W/D carpet BR BA Shed Kitchen Diswasher built  
467 39,900 no no no 3 2 ? small ? 1994  
109 49,900 no yes yes 2 2 ? big yes 1990 Freezer covered porch
93 52,900 yes yes some 2 2 no tiny yes 1988 no central air 
138 59,900 yes yes some 2 2 no small yes 1989 ground level 
98 59,900 yes yes no 2 2 no small yes 1988 near dog walk 
145 63,500 yes yes no 3 2 no big yes 1990 huge yard, patio  
84 67,900 no yes some 2 2 no big yes 1989 covered porch 
283 68,900 no yes yes 3 2  huge yes 1991 wetlands view patio, new aircon
417 69,900 no yes yes 2 2 no big yes 1991 covered porch 

Watched the new neighbors start moving in. Took out the garbage.

Stayed up late watching the midnight stream from Vegas. And reading.

The usual morning, except there was a lot of fun stuff on the tablet so was not up till 9:30. Hgl was 105, so only injected the low power insulin. I think. Maybe not, because when lunchtime rolled around Hgl was down to 64, it took two Klondikes to sort that, and lunch was salad and then 4 eggo blueberry waffles. Famous Amos dessert.

The low Hgl wiped me out, tummy turned to mush and I fell asleep for an hour watching TV.  

On Tivo was Svengoolie with a horrible Joan Crawford vehicle called Berserk and Creature features had Attack of the Giant Leeches.

#20 peeps brought in their movers, I'm not sure if the huge bulldog belongs to the new neighbors or the movers. One of the movers is a very attractive middle-age Asian woman.

Kind of futile going over to greet them.

Spent some time on Twitch watching the Utah rock hound, and streamed for an hour myself.

Dinner was the salmon bake. It was overdone, dried out some. The cod is better. perfect for one chocolate cake. Yum.

Plans for tomorrow:
Walk the rent to the manager's office, chat about it being my last full month.
Refill the hummer feeders with sage blue colored sugar water
Set up a hummingbird stream


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