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More Realtor foo

The usual morning, then as I was reading news, Realtor sends email with 4 forms for me to sign/initial which the buyer's realtor found were missing. And a notice from the park about that crack in the driveway. I signed and sent back the forms, that was a lot of scanning, and I sent her a photo of the crack, she showed it to the buyer's realtor who said the buyer doesn't feel it is an issue, but since her (realtor's) husband does that kind of work he may fix it for us.

Lunch = salad and half of last night's leftovers + cookies.

Delivered was breathe-right strips (I have not used them for a few months and it shows) and 200 generic immodium tablets. I thought I was running out, but that was before my last visit to CVS. They don't expire so no worries.

Oak Island was another week of not finding anything significant, but every little hint sends orgasms through the crew. Gary digs up a pin used to hold a board to a wall, and jumps for joy when he ought to find basketfuls of those pins. The whole metal detection subplot has been like that - if they were close to pirate treasure or even a pirate ship dock there would be multiple artifacts in the same general area, but they only find one at a time. Then hurricane Dorian came by, caused very little damage but they were all crying about how the swamp is a swamp again. They hadn't really drained it the first time.

Andy Cohen was a throw-away this week.

PTI is at the superbowl, but still in an outdoor cafe, lots of people at the bar behind them photo-bombing. The 5 good minutes guy is someone I have never seen before but very articulate and he had good info on Mahomes and Jimmy G.

Back door bell rang, it was across the street neighbor Lou, and his home health minder. Lou said he had landed in the hospital when a doctor prescribed BP meds which whacked his kidneys. He was there twice, but is home now. I'm glad he and his wife have home health care helpers.

Lou is in #21, #20 is still moving in. Lou says the workers claim the #20 landscaping is done, but we can't see how that is possible.
After I got into bed the past two nights, I saw white paws under the bathroom door. I have no idea how Spook got in there without me seeing her. Let alone twice. She likes to hide in the shower. During the day the door is open but I keep it closed at night because there is a street light which shines right into my eyes through the bathroom window.
Online, the drive home was at the usual time. No other storm chasers today. Watched some ice fishing, but the other regulars were either not online or were playing video games.

Catfish was odd, the victim was a 500 lbs young man whose best friend is a gorgeous, slender woman. The chase looked like it was going nowhere but then they found the whistleblower who told them to call the catfish, and they actually met with her. Turned out to be a middle aged dumpy woman using her young daughter's and her friend's daughter's photos to make fake social media pages. She admitted she did it for the money, except the victim in this case didn't have any so she just kept him stringing along in hopes of future gains.

I streamed for an hour, during the second half of that several chatters joined in. Some came in together and knew each other. One guy started typing in Thai. Easy stuff like "what's your favorite food?". But he's ethnically Chinese, so is his handle.

Dinner shrimp had been defrosted overnight, after a salad I melted butter in a small pan, added minced garlic and some mint leaves and sauteed, removed the leaves and poured the mix over a bowl of shrimp. Side dish of baked beans. Del Monte tropical fruit cocktail for dessert was meh. Mostly pineapple, some papaya and maybe mango. Next time I'll stick to real fruit cocktail which I love.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe a Safeway run. Hang out in their Starbucks with my laptop.

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