Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Impatience R Me

Up with the alarm, Spook wouldn't come out the the guest room. She has a new buddy:

One of my favorite photos from, I think, 1989. It had been on the wall of my last apartment, but here was tucked out of sight behind that bookcase until we started doing open houses, when I pulled it out just enough to remind me it was there. The last house visit I pulled it out further hoping the buyers would notice. They didn't but Spook did. She moved from the middle of the floor to be close to the elephant. Less threatening than mirror cat.

After my morning online stuff it was off to the big Starbucks in the mega Safeway. I ordered an iced mocha but it took a long time to be made, the ice was melted and they are now using flimsy plastic cups and sippy tops.

Set up my laptop near an outlet and checked email while charging, but wi-fi was not fast enough for watching Twitch streams and I wanted to get back home in time for my daily streamer. So packed up the laptop, got a cart and did some shopping.

Fruit cocktail was 3 for $5 and a 20 oz container of fresh cut fruit was $5, so about even. bought three fruit cocktails and a container of cantaloupe. Bought a couple of kinds of chocolate cookies. Escaped with everything on my Safeway list and nothing which wasn't.

Still ought to go to GO for milk. But no rush.

Home in time for the daily drive home, almost, only came in 5 minutes late.

Delivered was a dozen Ghirardelli cabernet dark chocolate bars. I discovered them at GO months ago, and as often happens never saw them there again. Found them on Amazon.

The shoes I have been wearing are too narrow, turns out they are only 2E, so I ordered a pair of 4E.

Tivo had a lovely PBS travel show to remote places in New Zealand. Or was that yesterday? The days just blend together lately.

Summer House was a look back on last season, so not a lot of skin showing. I nuked the one pass for Siesta Key after two episodes where they would not show anyone below the waist. The image framing was on purpose and artificial.

Late lunch with salad, turkey slices and maybe baked beans. Something on the side.

PTI was at the beach in Miami and this time the producers harnessed the lookie loos into acting like a studio audience. Lots of 9ers fans. No photo bombing this time. The football analyst this time was a NFL defense star turned coach, he leaned toward the 49ers, slightly.

Youngest sister called with a list of things to check in the new house, most of which are on the standard inspection sheet.

Streamed for 90 minutes, lots of active chatters, no trolls.

Two episodes of Swamp People as I finished a salad and the shells and sausage meal from 2 nights ago. Strawberries and cantaloupe and whipped cream. Those bayou folks are a whole new level of illiterate, but they sure know how to catch bullfrogs.

Chocolate covered shortbread cookies for a late snack.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual morning
Figure out something for afternoon

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