Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Twitch surprises and a visit to the French Store

No reason to be up early so set the alarm for 8, and did not get up and about till 11. The usual breakfast was finished around lunchtime. Had something for lunch, I remember making a salad but not what the main course was.

1:30-ish was time for the daily drive home stream, and then I shut down the PC and drove to Target with a shopping bag and the tablet. Got a small mocha, and read more of the current sci-fi story. Used to be the starbucks inside the Target shared space with a couple of other food groups, but then they zapped everything and remodeled it to be all *$s and futuristic furniture in mostly wrong configurations. There was no longer the row of 2-person tables looking out over the up escalator, most of the tables are facing the wrong way, no eye candy prospects. So I actually read.

Done with the mocha, I grabbed a basket and went ISO things on my list, but all I found was a half gallon of 2%, a small Downey jug and Famous Amos.

Home, Tivo time. PTI, but deleted Andy Cohen and a Gold Rush rerun. Ex on the Peaks was pretty good, they brought in a long ago ex who was immediately dumped and then picked up for a date by the house playboy, who was in a relationship but the new ex is a much better fit for him.

Cleaned the cat water fountain, the filter was fuzzy so I ordered replacements, and also a second water fountain which doesn't become useless when the power goes out. Spook likes the "flower" configuration but also wants something deep enough to dip her paw into. While I was at it it was time to order another jar of treats.

On order from yesterday is a pair of NB 4E shoes to replace the too-small 2E pair.

Tuned to the Lakers game, expecting it to be in progress after the obligatory Kobe tribute, but there was Yo Yo Ma making sad noises on his cello as the video displays played an extensive tribute. Too much for me thank you very much.

Only one storm chaser was out, so I streamed for half an hour, several new followers, two trolls, and silence once I banned them.

Movers called, the estimator has been delayed, can we do it a week later? Checked the calendar and that was fine. We nailed down the 26th for packing and the 27th for moving.

J texted asking for me to come over Monday and help her fix her Netflix connection. Watching the Suerb Owl together Sunday is a non-starter as she is from Kansas.

Sausage slices in mac and cheese for dinner and too many cookies.

 Bravo to the Senate for saying no to prolonging the trial. The Democrats had plenty of time to put together a solid case, but instead rushed to beat a holiday deadline, then stupidly delayed presenting the Articles to the Senate. Mitch says the final vote will not be until after the State of the Union address, which is horrible timing.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am monthly party at the community center. Say my goodbyes
Porch time if it's as nice as it was today

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