Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Party Day - February Fools Day

Up at 7:30, breakfast & news & FB. 10 am drove to the community center for the monthly birthday/anniversary party. Sat next to a 90-year old man whose birthday is this month, his wife is only 72. The new neighbor in #20 was there, nice, pretty. New Chinese woman sitting across from me is very pretty. Got to tell all my friends when I'm outa here. Stuck around chatting for an hour, then home for a pit stop and to drop off my jacket (It was 67°) and then to GO to use up what was left of my EBT benefits. Swiss Miss, whipped cream, bleu cheese, olives, garbanzo beans, milk, popcorn, steamer bowl.

Home, PC would not boot. No Internet connection. Comcast did not have an outage, but they reset my modem anyway. Turns out that somehow my router got stuck, it needed the wi-fi button held in for 10 seconds, then all was well.

Nibbles for lunch. Was watching a crabber online, somewhere off the coast of WA, excellent stream. Very happy to see one deck hand assigned to measure each crab and throw back the small ones.

Caught a bit of a TwitchCon in Thailand. Bangkok I'm pretty sure.

No storm chasers were out. I apparently missed the topaz collector.

Delivered was two packages. One had cat stuff. The water fountain which Spook can dip her paw into and will still have water available if there is no electricity. Filters for the "flower" water fountain. Except they were too big, so I tossed them and ordered the ones which were suggested for the fountain I actually bought. A jar of treats. The other box was the NewBalance 4E width shoes, but they were no wider than the 2Es I have, so they are going back. They also need a higher back.

Spook was spooked by the new arrangement in the kitchen, she's still not sure about the 2nd water fountain.

Tivo had a new Gold Rush, all the underwater gold hunters found a lot (for them) of gold. Nothing compared to the strip miners, though.

Streamed for an hour, chatted with two guys, one old regular from Romania, and a new guy from the east coast. Three new followers. Earlier in the day I clipped "follow follow follow" from Try To Remember from The Fantastiks for the audio and converted mirror catfight to a Gif for the video, and that worked.

Salad then breaded fish fillets for dinner, with reheated KFC mashed potatoes. Strawberries and cantaloupe in chocolate sauce for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual morning routine
Superbowl time delayed on Tivo. I will skip the commercials. Tivo has a new feature where I can come back later and it will automatically only show the commercials. There's a superbowl party at the center but they have a small TV and it will be in real time.
Take out the garbage
The rest depends on who wins the game, I guess.

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