Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not a good day

Up before the lights came on, about 7 am, was dressed before the alarm went off. I think the breathe-right strips are helping me stay asleep longer.

Delivered was the right kind of cat fountain filters, but the Amazon courier tossed them onto the porch from the road, so no doorbell and no security cam footage. And they landed where I had to go outside to see.

PNB&J for lunch, watched a lovely Places To Love about Sonoma County which started at the ocean. Very rare, because it's tough to get there and it's all cliffs and no beach so most tours start in the vineyards. She went there too, with an Agenda™ - the first winery owned by a Mexican former brasero. Then on to Santa Rosa and the Charles Schultz museum with his widow.

Spent a couple of hours doing Windows updates on the laptop and charging the battery.

Utah rock hunter was online for a bit.

To kill time before the Superbowl I streamed, and explained how I record the game on Tivo an then FF past the commercials and the between play BS. 4:30, half an hour into the game, I went to start watching from the beginning. Tivo was not recording. I had checked last night to make sure it was scheduled. Harumph. 49ers were already behind 3-7 when I got it to start recording. Back to the PC to listen to the anthem (Demi Lovato screeched it out horribly) and see the flyover (the director blew it and did not show the planes).

I watched the game get tied and a bogus offensive pass interference call killed the 9ers chance for another TD before halftime.

The halftime show was impressive. I love Shakira, she looks hot as a redhead. JLo was very racy. S&M leather for her and her dancers. It was almost all in Spanish, which made sense for a Miami concert but not for one where half the fans would be from Kansas & Missouri.

Lots of fireworks. Very quick setup and teardown by the crew.

3rd quarter 9ers went up by 10, but they got hosed again by bad calls but they also stopped playing 10 minutes too soon. Lost by 10. I am so sad. Jimmy G proved he is allergic to the end zone.

Dinner after salad was horrible. Healthy Choice spaghetti & meatballs steamer bowl, the spaghetti was short and thin, and Year of the Rat meatballs. OMG they tasted bad and were mostly filler. Chocolate infused shortbread cookies for dessert.

Watched Creature Features, an awful sci-fi flick from Cornwall called They Came From Beyond Space.  The guest is a woman who writes articles, documentaries and books about famous murder mysteries. I had no idea Natalie (the Wood which doesn't float) was from Santa Rosa.

Got a return auth for the shoes, and found true 5E with what looks like a solid back online for $100. It was on sale at the mfg web site.

Took out the garbage at about 9 pm, temp had dropped dramatically and wind was up to 20 mph. Brrr.

Ran a dishwasher load this morning, but the cookie sheet used to bake the fish fillets did not come clean.

Plans for tomorrow:
UPS drop off the return
J at 11, with a Netflix hammer
and then lunch maybe

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