Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

One more day

Up early again, but stayed in bed about 15 minutes past the alarm.
Banana and my last HB egg

Lots of news to read. I've added the Vegas ABC, CBS and NBC web sites, they are laid out by someone who uses both fists. Ugly ugly pages. Lots of local news though.

Delivered was a package in my mailbox, UPS email told me it was there. I thought it was the cat stick and "worm" toy attachments so I tossed it onto a chair for later.

Watched some TWC and NFL news on TV.

Twitch, daily drive home was 2 hours early, I caught it by accident.

Below Deck finale had less drama than usual. But I don't think any of the crew will be hired back, and I hope they go back to the Caribbean. Much drama was avoided by Capt. renting a private island for the crew's after party, just the crew and some Thai dancers and lots of European booze. Ashton went to sleep before he could get drunk.

The Bachelor started with an unexpected intelligent move - he sent the pageant queen diva home. But he ended with giving the last rose to the shit disturber instead of the cute redhead whom he had not spent any 1-on-1 time with. Earlier he had given a rose to a meh person because they had met before the show, a very fateful thing but she had been very quiet since then. I'm pretty sure one of the two petite Latinos will be his choice. He's half Cuban, speaks fluent Spanish, so it makes sense.

The last of the turkey leg for lunch, salisbury steak hungry man meal for dinner.

I streamed for an hour, some German guy was a nuisance, someone else kept triggering my anti-spam program. Not his fault. Troll was back, but he can't get into the chat.

Doorbell rang, box from Amazon. Opened it and found the cat wand & worms. Opened the other package and it was meds from Kaiser.

Email from LV manager with descriptions of her top pick houses for me:

#282 is a lovely home with an amazing view from the kitchen, dining room and front porch of the preserve.  It backs up to  the preserve.  It is three bedrooms – split- with master and one bath on side of the home and the other two bedrooms with bath on the other side of the home.  It does not have a garage.  Asking $68,900.

#145 is a corner lot with a two car garage and also split three bedrooms.  It is across from the clubhouse.  Asking $63,500.

#138 is a two bedroom with quasi-den (need to see) and a two car garage, corner lot, only a short walk from the main clubhouse.  Both bedrooms have large walk in closets.  The master has a new ceiling to floor tile walk-in shower.  Asking $59,900.

#84 is a large two bedroom ( 1440 sq feet) - $67,900.  This is one we have rehabbed.

So we have several options to explore.

282 I think is actually 283.

Topped off the cat's food & water

Plans for tomorrow:
Charge the GPS
Get the Nikon ready to travel
Fill the meds containers
Pack a small carry-on


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