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The long national nightmare is over, maybe now Congress can get back to doing its job, except for the ones running for office in 2020. 
The snafu in Iowa only shows how stupid it is to rush to be the first to vote. And how silly that form of election is in this century. It was fine when Iowa had 136 people, but not anymore. Elections are not barn dances.

New Hampshire has a proper primary. They're next.

It looks like I will get to vote after all, there is supposed to be a mail-in ballot in my mailbox right now. Oh. I forgot to get the mail. Hang on...

Yup, they sent me the right ballot, too. "Nonpartisan Democratic". Many more Dems running than I ever heard of. Not in any particular order, but Warren is last on the list.

Breakfast was a banana and some PNB.

AG phoned, we chatted for an hour.

No streaming today, but did watch the daily drive in the snow, but also a Florida storm chaser who found a crunched car off the side of the highway with 5 feet of guard rail hanging off it, and she helped get emergency services on the scene. The driver survived, she said.

Did all the packing I could, almost. Traveling light, just a day pack designed to hold a laptop and some gear. Broke down the Nikon and the GPS (charged and updated the GPS first). Insulin pens and vials with tips and syringes are ready to be added. Pill boxes will be among the last.

Frontier air sent email asking me to check in today, but I don't do that. Their app doesn't want to show my boarding pass, but there's usually a kiosk I can get that from. 1:45 pm flight, will shoot for noon. My GOES and pacemaker cards are ready.

For lunch there was only salad. And later popcorn.

Watched PTI and Below Deck Sailing Yacht. It's not on the level of the other Below Deck shows. The chef is a re-hire from BDMed where he was a FAIL. There's a couple who live aboard, and made the boat a mess. New crew did not get it cleaned up yet and they have charter guests on board. The galley is a disaster.
Spook has plenty of food & water, but she'll have to do without treats. I tried to make reservations for her at the pet hotel in Sunnyvale but they don't take online reservations, so I'll call. No rush. It's just for the end of the month.

I can't believe how much stuff was in the sink, the dishwasher is running, taking care of that now. Did a load of shirts, they need to be hung up. I packed my Raiders T and one button down blue shirt. I'll wear my Sharks jacket, it has been chilly in LV this week. No swim suit this time - too cold.

Dinner was salad and a beef & broccoli meal, the last half basket of strawberries and a half a can of fruit cocktail

Plans for tomorrow:
Unload the dishwasher
Breakfast will be fruit cocktail
Check email and FB and set the PC to not power on automatically
Leave for the airport around 11:45
LV around 4
Get the rental car, drive to the hotel and check it out
House hunting Friday.


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