Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Out of Breath

I'd eaten a chef's salad from Albertson's for dinner and drank about 1/4 liter of caffeine free diet Coke and one of the small Ethel M bars.

Had a horrible night. Sciatica whichever side I slept on. then racked with shivering and fever - an insulin reaction which the other chocolate bar quelled. Just  could not sleep. Tried turning on the police scanner app on my phone and that helped for a while, found a sleepy time YouTube channel too.

Last time check was 5 am, awoken by the alarm at 7.

Very out of breath, got dressed and packed and slogged over to reception to check out. Fired up the GPS and drove to the car rental return, put my pack on a cart but it kept sliding off. At the terminal I asked a security person about a wheel chair and she walked me to the front a along line where a rude receptionist printed a boarding pass and sent me to the other side of the hall to wait 20 minutes for a wheel chair. She grumbled that I was supposed to stand in line to order a wheel chair. Idiot.

A very nice young man arrived in about 20 minutes with a chair and pushed me the 3 miles to TSA, and it was very fast between Pre and the chair. Skipped a lot of steps. Then another 2 miles to the gate. Waited a long time, finally boarding started and another nice young man got me in the chair and pushed me up the ramp.

Seat 4D, easy.

It took longer for them to board the plane than the flight takes. I wasn't feeling out of breath anymore. Slept a little. Getting off the plane was a cluster fork because the stewardess kept moving people's carry ons to bins behind them, and she moved some several times.

Out of the plane, it was a trudge again, had to stop and sit a few times. Found my car, found my keys and drove home.

Still out of breath, so I took 3 Furosemide because by now I was convinced not taking those was the cause of the breathing problems, not altitude. Took 2 more after dinner. Dumped treats on the floor and 2 Sheba wet meals into a bowl for Spook.

Lots of stuff on TV. Spook resumed her position on the floor by the window. When I put my pack on the bed she camped out next to it.

Watched some of the XFL game, and then an amazing NOVA episode which explained ice ages the way I understand them. No humans involved in global warming.

Dinner was a pair of steamed pork buns and fruit cocktail.

Filled the meds containers and took the Sunday night dose.

Updated TurboTax and re-filed the state forms, which were accepted.

Plans for tomorrow:
Janice's, see if we can program her TV remote to also control her blu-ray player.
Pay for the house inspection

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