Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

CHF meds are helping

Still having shortness of breath issues, but not as much. 6x Furosemide yesterday and 2x today. Went to a friend's house to try to set up her new TV remote to also speak to her new DVD player, but it didn't have the DVD controls. We sat and chatted for a while, gave me a chance to catch my breath.

Was good to drive home but bringing in the 3 10-lbs litterbox cartridges was a chore, and going out to the mailbox was too.

Banana for breakfast, a few wheat thins for lunch, a pair of blueberry toaster waffles with butter for dinner and honey walnut chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Fell asleep with Fox news on,then watched three episodes of PTI and one Summer House. The latter has chosen to give the most strident and annoying member of the house the focus, so lots of FF time. But the women are hot and dress very sexy some of the time, so worth Tivo-ing.

Got an insurance quote for the new house, have to call tomorrow to arrange payment.

In the mail was my auto insurance renewal, not effective till April 1.

Emailed Realtor and park management my forwarding address

Phone call reminding me movers estimator tomorrow at 1 pm

Plans for tomorrow:
Reserve pet hotel and motel space for 2/26-3/1
Mover's estimator
Call LV insurance broker
Change litterbox cartridge
Try on new shoes

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