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Oatmeal for breakfast on account of out of bananas and HB eggs and I was feeling poorly enough that staying home and sitting a lot seemed to be the road to recovery.

Lunchtime ordered Door Dash from what is no longer my favorite Chinese place. Wor won ton soup was huge chunks of things and way too salty. Two servings of Chow fun were delivered upside down and on its side, leaked all over the bag. All the crunchy stuff was soggy. Eggrolls, and lettuce and such. Honey walnut prawns for dinner was barely edible.

But I didn't have to go shopping.

And there was a lot on tivo, and some storm chasers on twitch.

Mover's estimate was the right price but I asked them to put the space number in the delivery address and send it again. I'll put $100 on a credit card and the rest will be charged half on move out and half on delivery.

Insurance broker will handle the billing for that, I'll pay for a year on move-in date.

Had a TMI bathroom adventure, which puzzled me until I remembered I've been pretty sick since Saturday night.

I think I'm all good now.

Did two loads of laundry. Need to deal with that tomorrow.

Email from Realtor that the other realtor will be over tomorrow to fix the crack in the driveway. No time given so I asked. No reply yet.

Watched a lot of Tivo. The Bachelor kept the insane one. He sent home the lawyer who I think was a plant by the producers. He's making 4 home visits not 3. It looks like Madison will win this, and she's all in. Kelsey won her spot by telling her broken home story. If he chooses her, he'll be single in a year, or less. 

Below Deck Sailing Yacht sucks. I'll give it one more episode. None of the cast are at all charismatic, the boat is a mess and production values are below par.

The Aquarium will probably be deleted. Atlanta, run by children who do not know what they are doing. Except for the beluga whale exhibit. I met one of those whales when he was at Vancouver BC 20+ years ago.

Gold Rush was a rerun. Graham Norton was just plain weird. And Jim Carey made it beyond weird.

Back to Twitch, two Vegas streamers at a sushi place, joined in chat by two more. And then a quick look at snow in Cleveland.

Plans for tomorrow:

Put away laundry
Manicure when they need the driveway free
Groc - I need limes
Call EBT - they halved my dole - claiming I have more income. I want to know where from
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