Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nailed It

Realtor said noon for the crack repair, so  I called for a noon manicure, and had my nails done. Chose a deep blue/purple color, a little more red than I thought it would be (I was shooting for cobalt blue). Everyone was happy my house sold but sad that this would be my last visit there. Lots of gorgeous women having mani-pedi done.

Then next door to Safeway, spent $75 but forgot the tussin. Remembered the eye drops. Seriously low Hgl, treated in the ride home with many chocolate donettes. As soon as stuff was put away, 3 scoops of mango sherbet helped settle me down.

Too late for lunch. The cracks in the driveway were patched, including the one which the Park should have done.

Pre-dinner, still needed olives and car charge so I made a trip to GO, plugged in the car at 16%, half an hour it was 79%. Also got some cheese and man-sized frozen dinner.

Home again, went online and got info on Nevada Medicare supplemental. Looks like Cigna for me. $100 a month more than HMO, but covers all co-pays, which makes it even.

Some storm chasing on Twitch but not much. Tivo had Summer House which finally got a pool party going, but still too focused on the strident guy.

PTI, as usual. Svenghooli played Son of Kong. Way too much Bad Acting, but not such a bad script.

As usual, the low Hgl wiped me out, I spent a lot of time with the TV on but me turned off.

Beef chow fun for dinner (salad first) was horrible. All black from soy sauce. No more delivery from Tor Tor. One change for Vegas is I'll have plenty of places to eat out.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the movers, make sure they fix the delivery address, and set the first available delivery date to 3/9.
Call Kaiser for paperwork to say I'm moving out of their area, which gives me a free ride into Nevada's programs.
Target for diabetic tussin and maybe hang out at Starbucks.

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