Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Comfort cat, breakfast, Kaiser admin, Target, low Hgl, remote setup, Soup for dinner

Up with the alarm, but stayed because Spook had joined me. The usual breakfast, Hgl was high so I shot up my usual insulin dose. Drove to MV Kaiser and got the letter which says I have had continuous coverage, which should whiz me into Nevada Medicare coverage. Pharmacy was out of diabetic tussin.

Then back to SV Target, sodastream exchange. they were out of all the syrups I use. Also out of diabetic tussin so I got the generic kind. And body wash and eye drops. By now Hgl was low, so I bought a snickers bar on the way out, limped over to the cafe and sat down, chomped the candy and waited 15 minutes for it to kick in.

Home, chocolate donuts and maybe an egg cream helped. Mango sherbet calmed me down.

Off to MV again with J's remote control. It took her a while but she figured it out sort of. I think they had given me the wrong TV code because the keypad numbers did not work. Minor since she mostly uses Netflix.

Home, watched PTI and Ex on the Beach, in which the very pretty woman chose the Brit a-hole over the all-American Guy. Typical.

Called the movers and corrected the delivery address and date.

Dinner was the other batch of bad wor won ton soup. Fruit cocktail dessert.

After I write this I have an episode of Spy Games.

Plans for tomorrow:
Refill the hummingbird feeders
Fold & put away briefs and sox
Back to pre-meal salads

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