Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lots of Reservations

The usual breakfast, but stayed in bed late because Spook was there. Decided not to go to the final [for me] new residents' tea.

Spent the morning making reservations. The Vagabond Inn was the least expensive for the week between packing and flying, but major major road construction has made that intersection a noisy mess, so Plan B which is the slightly more expensive, no pets Americas Best Value Inn, which is closer to the house. Tried to reserve room for Spook at the Sunnyvale Petsmart pet hotel, but the customer service rep insisted they did not have cat facilities. I've been there in person and seen them, but whatever. Made reservations at Mountain View instead.

Next, went online and made reservations for Spook for the one in Henderson, NV for the 1st-9th.

Finally (or so I thought) reserved the same dates at Eastside Cannery Hotel & Casino - two queen beds because kings were sold out. Non-smoking. Closer to Tropicana than Arizona Charlie's but more expensive. A real hotel, though.

No confirmation email from Pet Hotel so I called the one in NV and they said the online thing took a couple of days, but they could make an instant reservation over the phone. They were able to copy my info from the MV reservation and confirm it.

Left voicemail for the cleaning company, but no answer. Maybe try again Monday (holiday)  or Tuesday.

Salad and the other beef chow fun for lunch. Filled me way up. Especially the chocolate ice cream with honey & walnuts. And mango sherbet.

Filled the hummingbird feeders. Had to load the dishwasher and wash the sink first.

Watched TWC and FFed through the XFL game. DC team looked great, NY team was in used uniforms and played terrible. Masked Singer unmasked Chukka Khan. She kind of phoned it in this time.

Online, VegasDogLife and her husband were shopping for fishing gear. That's a good hobby for where I'm moving to. Bass World is HUGE.

Time to go to Karaoke at the church. This time we had the chapel. Not a huge turnout but some of the best and worst singers. What was my first number? Ain't Misbehavin'. When The Shape of Things turned out to not be the one I knew, I got to belt out I Gotta Be Me, a Sammy Davis Jr. signature song, from the musical Golden Rainbow starring Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. Steve sang it in the show but Sammy's version topped the charts.

Also sang Bob Dylan's Make You Feel My Love and a verse-only Over The Rainbow. I wanted the one with the intro. Funny because the woman who sang before me got the full monologue version of You Made Me Love You which she tried to sing. It wasn't pretty.

Only stayed till 9:30, was fading a bit and the bad singers were out in force.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take out the rest of the garbage
Probably more football

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