Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Relaxathon, and garbage

Up at 7:30, out of bed by 8, banana and HB egg, milk. 1%.

Read all the news, Canada looks like it is shut down by pipeline protesters.

Las Vegas invaded by Democrat candidates.

Filled in my ballot. There's a drop box by Grocery Outlet, I'll put it there on Presidents' Day.

No one streaming on Twitch worth watching.

Pizza for lunch, Salisbury steak meal for dinner. Mango sherbet in there somewhere. And mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches.

Watched about 4 hours of Gold Rush before it put me to sleep.

Took out all the garbages, spent about an hour breaking down a tower of boxes.

Nose hair trimmer, diabetic tussin and dark chocolate Swiss Miss on order from Amazon

Took a couple of hours in the morning to create calling cards for Las Vegas. Printed 30 of them after fixing the flip side, which was lined up wrong the first time.

Creature Features showed a truly bad film. Interesting guest, puppet maker.

Plans for tomorrow:
GO - drop off my ballot and charge the car
Finish the Kindle book
It should be warm enough to sit on the porch and watch hummers

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