Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

How could I forget The Bachelor?

One of yesterday's Tivo treats was The Bachelor which featured home visits. Hannah Ann's is the family nextdoor in Knoxville, TN. Very plain. They were not at all impressed with Peter. Dad won't give his blessing unless Peter commits 100% which Peter doesn't know how to do. But I think she is his best choice for reasons - read on.

Kelsey is from Iowa, is the oldest contestant and also the largest. She should have been kicked to the curb week 1 when she went ballistic over Hannah Ann mistaking her Iowa champagne for part of the Bachelor setup. Mom and stepdad were all "don't hurt my daughter" Peter was all "meh".

Madison is the daughter of an Auburn basketball assistant coach, and they met in the Auburn gym, greeted by the head coach and a video message from Charles Barkley. She showed off her basketball skills and Peter showed he didn't have any. The home visit was very heavy on the Jesus, and while mom and Madison were clear that she is saving herself for marriage, Maddy chickened out when given the chance to mention that to Peter. He is about as spiritual as a fencepost, which is why M is not my choice for him.

Virginia Beach VA was the site for Victoria F's meeting. The day went well, until an ex of Peter's found him and warned him about V.F. Instead of going right in to the family meet-up that evening Peter did what he always does, he confronted her about that, she had a melt-down, they never got inside the house. She's a hot mess, should not have gotten this far by 2 episodes, but the producers want crazy for the ratings.

The episode ends in a hanger where instead of doing the right thing, he keeps Victoria and sends Kelsy home.

I guess there is one more paring down to come, and my bet is Madison will go home for the religious fervor both Jesus and Auburn War Hawks.  Which will leave too-young airhead Hannah Ann and Little Miss Meltdown.

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