Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day 2 of Quiet Week

Did not go to the coffee thing because no one else has shown up in months. Did my in depth news reading instead. Have added the Las Vegas ABC, NBC and CBS sites. CBS is the most news oriented, and has the most professional layout.

Late news - shootings in Germany targeted hookah cafes. But they are calling them by some word I have never seen before. The story was the follow-on to the Daytona crash update.

No live eagle cam on Twitch, 24 hours did it to them, next egg is not due to start hatching till tomorrow. But the main cam site is up and occasionally commented on by staff.  It's cold and windy on that nest.

Daily drive home, then it was time to drive to Lucky's for bananas, HB eggs and milk. Bought one frozen lunch, but aim to eat everything in the freezer this week.

Lunch was a beef & broccoli meal, dinner used up the last of a huge bag of mixed vegetables and 3 of 5 fish fillets. Microwaved because last night's cod dinner in the oven set off the hallway smoke alarm for about 10 minutes. I need to pull the bottom plate out of the oven and scrape off the pie drippings. Easy Off isn't so easy.

Morning saw me pull lots of stuff out of the file cabinet, and put all the mortgage statements into their own folder, another folder for the move, and one to leave for the new owners which has info on appliances and remodeling/painting done.

Email from LV realtor with info on the home warranty, which the current owner paid through October.

Left an appointment request for the cleaners online.

Delivered was polident and Sodastream diet cola syrup. Carport cam didn't catch the delivery. The arlo cams are mostly useless.

Stripped the bed and changed to purple sheets.

Plans for tomorrow:
call about the home warranty
Porch time if it's warm enough
UPS, drop off excess files to be shredded

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