Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy pre-move day

Spook spent most of the night in the bed, bailed at about 4 am as usual. Returned when I was watching videos on the tablet.

The bananas were not quite ripe so breakfast was an HB egg and a tangelo. Read all the news, another stabbing in London. Consensus is Bloomberg did himself no favors in the debate. But it also said Tin Lizzie Warren done good, but she looks like the Tin Man in the photos. How does she get that steely complexion?

Yesterday yanked 20 years of medical paperwork and misc. receipts and user guides from the file cabinet. This morning I pulled all the paperwork from the folders for credit cards, phone companies, utilities and frequent flyer memberships. It's all online now don't need the paper. Shredded a dozen useless credit cards.

Long story short, hauled 30 lbs of paperwork to UPS to be shredded. $1 a pound. Then drove across the street and spent $30 on the car wash, suggested by the auto transport services. Haven't washed the car in months. 

Spent a couple of hours on the phone with Medicare coverage brokers and signed up for Cigna "F" coverage and Mutual of Omaha Part D prescription coverage.

Called the home warranty company, they said to tell the current owner to just cancel her contract and they will refund what she doesn't use, and I can open up a new contract.

Salad for lunch and a custard filled donut. The last of the ha gow for dinner. Ice cream for dessert.

One more pre-move project done: tossed all kinds of frozen herbs and food I won't be able to eat into the food scraps section of the garbage bin. And everything else from the big freezer into the fridge freezer. Unplugged the big freezer.

I will try to eat my way through the fridge freezer and there is a garbage bag waiting for lots of condiments and stuff from the fridge.

Went online an used Yelp's "find a cleaner" page since Lozano never got back to me, and filed a 1-star review of Lozano. So far have three requests for contract, two look good, one wants photos of the shower and kitchen. I understand where they are coming from but that's tacky. I have no problem telling them the bathrooms have not been properly cleaned in a year. Or six.

The motel has a fridge, so I plan on transferring some things from my fridge to theirs.

Emailed the escrow manager, asked her if there is anything I need to bring with me Monday.

The expanding folder which the previous owner bequeathed to me is all beat up so I ordered a replacement on Amazon. It has manuals for appliances and now also has work orders for the stuff I improved.

Watched Masked Singer. It's pretty entertaining, the costumers ought to win an Emmy.

Played some piano, Spook was jealous. Spent some relax time on the porch, Spook preened herself inside on the window platform.

Logged into USPS and filed my change of address. It included a voter registration form, but I need a Nevada ID and 30 days' residency before I can file.

Checked the pelican cases in the office closet, hoping there was room for the camera gear in my camera pack, but they are all full. I may need to buy another hard case. I'm packing the Nikon body, GPS tracker, batteries and charger and one lens. I suppose I can trust the rest to the movers.

Plans for tomorrow:
Move the batteries and chargers for the B&D items to the shed. Leaving those behind for the new owners.
Take the remotes and misc electricals to the SMART station to recycle. There's a BP meter under the livingroom table to add to the pile. And there's a CPAP on the top shelf of one of my closets.

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