Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

More busy prep

No Spook last night, she stayed mostly in the livingroom.
The usual breakfast, but I had to order a new egg slicer because slicing pitted olives with it broke a couple of wires. Delivered was a folio for the household paperwork except I misread the description and it is divided into about a dozen small sections, no good for what I need. So I took one more stab at it. Also ordered a wallet, the one I have been using is starting to come apart.

Chatted with Cigna rep, we were not able to resolve Kaiser's refusal to send them an end date for my coverage. He said he would work on it, we have lots of time.

InstaMaids won the cleaner contest, but they did not have any availability Friday, so I put in for late afternoon Thursday, hoping the movers would be done in time. They called back, he penciled me in for Friday morning with Thursday noon-ish as a backup plan. It should work.

Took the remotes, batteries, bathroom scale and old BP meters to recycle.

Lunch was salad and the last Jimmy Dean croissant sandwich. And chocolate ice cream. I will probably be throwing out some ice cream on Wednesday night. Salad will be minus the greens starting with dinner tomorrow. Dinner finished off the last piece of fried chicken, a packet of frozen rice and half the frozen won tons. And some mango sherbet.

Ran the dishwasher, several containers are ready to recycle now.

Watched Vegas_penguin stream Air Force One taking off from LAS. Idiot troller jumped into chat saying rude things about me, moderator banned his ass but it took too long. I blocked that iteration of idiot then went to the FBI site and filed a complaint naming names, email physical address and cell phone number. Maybe something will come of that.

Took a couple of B&D batteries and a charger into the shed to stay with the tools I'm leaving behind. Brought Spook's carrier into the house. Made 3 luggage tags from the LV calling card, put one on the carrier, the other two will go on luggage. I'm going to let the movers pack the photo bag but I'll be taking the Nikon, GPS, one lens, 2 batteries and the battery charger in my luggage.

No answer from escrow person. Or from the car transporter. Or the movers.

AG called while I was on the phone with the cleaners, so I called him back and we chatted for an hour. Signal kept dropping.

Chatted with middle sister.

Tivo, PTI and Ex on the Beach. They sent two exes home. Both seemed like good calls. Two more could have gone home but they got cut some slack. This season messes with my mind because there are two or three male to female trannies and two straight looking bi or gay guys.

Daily drive home was packed with chatters.

Watched some politics, nobody knows what's happening.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch some of the Nevada caucuses
Try to relax
Work on eating stuff from the freezer
Play the piano
Play with Spook
Take the box from under the sink which was used to hide stuff on the counter, stage it for livingroom wires stash


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