Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Boring Day, followed by The Quest

Spook was on the bed early on, but I got up at 11:30 and watched some TV when a muscle in my left collarbone area shot pain through me whenever I rolled over onto my left side. Took aspirin, which I forgot was banned on account of the Pradaxa blood thinner. It helped a little. Morning warm shower helped a lot more.

Called Kaiser advice nurse, he said Tylenol was the only thing I can take, but maybe a heating pad would help. I think I have one in the bedroom closet.

Nothing on my calendar today. Continued to toss food-like objects from the fridge freezer into the table scraps bin outside.

Email from the original auto transport broker confirming 2/28 car pickup, but that's awkward, so I called the movers and he called back with the name of the company which he said would drive me to the airport on 3/1 when I dropped my car off at their lot. Their web site had nothing about that, and they are closed weekends so I sent a message asking. Have to wait till Monday...

Lunch salad and boiled the last of the won ton and fish fillets and a lot of green peas. Ate the solids, poured out the liquids.

Watched about 3 hours of Gold Rush including the gossip program. Graham Norton was kind of meh but with lots of laughter.

Delivered was a better egg slicer which also can do strawberries and I expect olives. Also delivered was moth cake hangers, a pack of 6 but I broke one, so hung up 5 in closets and the bathroom - little moths have been eating the rugs and bath towels.

Delivered later was Folio #2, which was a set of nice folders for the file cabinet but too small for the house paperwork. Fed up with online descriptions not matching, I drove to Office Depot, except it is no longer there. Target did not have anything which would work, neither did two CVS stores and DD's. Almost bought a carry-on case at DD's. Sighted a Fedex store at the end of the strip mall, and sure enough after sliding some things out of the way found legal sized expanding folders -- exactly what I was looking for.

Home, continued to pare down the fridge freezer contents. Dinner salad (enough greens for one more lunch) and defrosted some long-ago pastrami and salami, made a sandwich which was half edible, the other half flushed down the disposal. Put a dent in the remaining container of mango sherbet.

Most of what is left in the freezer except ice cream will survive in a fridge just fine. I should be able to empty the fridge Tuesday, bringing some stuff to the motel.

Relocated the paperwork into the new folder.

Lunch date with J Saturday. In theory that will be a free day. Maybe walk through the house post-cleaning.

Channel surfed between Live PD and Ancient Aliens. Watched some of the Nevada returns but the stats only show 50% in. The more precincts vote, the lower Bernie's %, but he still has a big lead over #2. Warren's lie about having indigenous roots is probably killing her in the SW.

Messaged Kaiser, they stopped my auto-pay and will mail me a termination of benefits letter after March 1. Messaged my doctor about switching from Pradaxa, but she's out till Monday of course.

Plans for tomorrow:

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