Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It Was Suposed To Be Relax Day

It started out as one, I stayed in bed till 10, somehow Hgl was 95 at 10:30. Banana & HB egg and a ho ho for breakfast, read the news, checked the Nevada Caucus results except they have not been updated since 60% counted. I guess the election people take Sunday off.

There was some XFL football to watch on Tivo but it wasn't very good. Jim Zorn, one of Seattle's greatest QBs, was calling plays as coach, but they were plays from the coach he was standing in for, and they were mostly running plays which is not his preference. Seattle was okay for a while then lost big time. I watched a bit of the StL game, it was a blow-out.

Did a load of laundry - 3 weeks' worth of shirts. I wanted to wait till day after tomorrow but needed to do something. When they were dry I staged them on the bed, Spook was on the bed but left when I got out the ironing board and worked on the Hawaiian shirts.

That done, watched DrWD40 trying to metal detect on a beach in FL, but he didn't find anything.

Nothing else on Tivo, had the last of the salad greens and a small Swedish Meatballs meal. And two ice cream sandwiches.

Nothing delivered.

Pulled the extra car fob out of the kitchen drawer along with the extra set of house keys.

Got impatient again, and took down all the webcams. Had to find the electric screwdriver and batteries for it first. They are all now in a pile on the kitchen table. I removed the screws from the mounts which had them - hazardous those. Almost forgot the one in the guest room, it was duct taped in place. I left the Arlo cameras in place, will collected them Tuesday.

Been drinking a lot of milk. Skipped dinner, had a can of fruit cocktail instead.

Updated and charged the laptop.

God Friended Me is recording on Tivo along with The Aquarium which is the Atlanta one, and though it is HUGE the staff is mostly children. Relatively speaking.

Plugged in the car.

Had to break out the vacuum - Spook barfed some treats. She does that rarely when she eats too many at a go.

Took the garbage bins to the curb. Both of them are more full than usual.

Plans for tomorrow:
11 am escrow signing
Do some packing - pull out what camera gear I'm taking
Maybe go to DD's and buy a small wheeled carry-on bag.
Bring in the garbage.

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