Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Realtor effed up again

Hgl was 65 at 7:45, ate two Klondikes and recovered in front of the TV. Had time for breakfast, then was off to San Jose for my 11 am escrow signing appointment. Got there and they were not expecting me and did not have anything for me to sign. Screw-up was mostly my realtor for not getting back to escrow person with an appointment time, but also with escrow person for not answering my email from Thursday.

So I called realtor and said angry things and told her to get the escrow person what she needs, we have an appointment for 9 am tomorrow.

That means I'll have less time to break down the electronic gear and pack.

Took my tried & true suitcase and a newer rolling case out of the shed. Spook was very curious about them. The suitcase was too small, so I drove to DD's and bought a big one, and three mesh office garbage cans to hold the wires from PC and TV. Wore my new 5E shoes. They sort of fit.

Ran a load of laundry - undies & socks. Need to take that out of the dryer.

Called Sleep Number, they said just disconnect the tubes and unplug the pump and the mattress will be fine in a moving bag.

Nibbles and half a can of garbanzo beans for lunch. Dinner was the last of the frozen shrimp with some cuke slices, tomato and olives. And bleu cheese dressing. Chocolate fudge ice cream.

Packed the camera & laptop in the small roller - carry on size. Threw in a couple of T-shirts for padding. Packed the big suitcase with clothes and all my non-insulin meds.

Watched the Atlanta Aquarium show, those folks are such amateurs, and think they are Seaworld without the staged performances.

God Friended Me added a few new characters, all of them Of Color.

Plans for tomorrow:
9 am escrow
Home, disassemble the PC and home theater & Google Home & Alexa & Sonos. Gather the weather sensors from outside.
Spook to the vet at 3:30 then to Mountain View Pet Hotel
Home, final packing, empty the fridge, throw away the litterbox cartridge
Check into motel. May need more than one trip to bring stuff from the fridge

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