Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Couldn't sleep

Exhausting day. I did all the things. And then some.

Up at 6:30, out by 8, at the escrow place by 8:30, waited in the parking lot till 8:50
Signed and initialed many pieces of paper. Escrow lady explained them all pretty clearly. Sent me home to do some things:
- Print and deliver a March rent check to the park office. Glad I had not taken the PC apart.
- Call my mortgage company to give them a forwarding address
- Call the LV realtor to have her send title company info to escrow lady So she can pay off my new house

Got a call from my original auto transport broker, he wanted to pick up the car Friday and deliver it Saturday, but that's too soon. Called the Burlingame company recommended by the movers, got a live person who said yes, I can drop the car off there Sunday but I'll have to get myself to the airport. Not a huge problem, there are taxi services. Canceled the original broker deal.

Emptied the fridge and fridge freezer little by little. Open container contents were poured down the disposal and the bottles chucked into the recycle bucket. Ice cream, sherbet and other stuff went into the garbage or the table scraps recycle. There was way more stuff than expected. Watched The Bachelor on and off during that. Peter continues to make bad choices. Looks like Little Miss Melt-down will win. Madison the virgin should have taken herself home when Peter admitted he was not a virgin - she is struggling with him not saving himself for marriage. Strange but true I think that other than this small detail, she has the strongest physical connection to him.

TV viewing done, took apart the home theater. Lots of wires. Lots of dust on the TV stand. Pulled the cable card to return to Comcast.

Packed the huge and carry-on cases. Spook helped.

Stripped the bed and pulled the hoses from the sleep number mattress.

3 pm, pushed Spook into her carrier, and drove to the vet. Across the street neighbor chatted me up, which made me not too early.

Doctor gave Spook a clean bill of health, I have a travel certificate and rabies & other vaccination docs.

To the Mountain View Petsmart pet hotel, checked in Spook till Sunday.

Home, packed a shopping bag with edibles and drove to the motel. Checked in, the room is up a steep flight of stairs, took three gruelling trips to get my bags and the food up there.

Home again, packed the car charger in its case and fit it under the passenger seat. Filled another shopping bag with cookies and Swiss Miss and ice cream sandwiches which fit in the motel fridge freezer. It's all frosted over so not keeping those very cold.

Movers due tomorrow, still need to grab my computer glasses, collect the weather sensors and light switch sensors. Already took down the Arlo cameras. I may sell those on eBay after I move. They are not as good as expected. Grab some paper plates and bowls.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home for the movers
Collect the things
Grocery Outlet - charge the car and buy some diet Coke and maybe an ice bucket because the one in the motel is tiny

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