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So this is how my day went:

9 am: Arrived at Brittania Arms in Cupertino, hoping to catch the second half of England-Portugal. The place was PACKED. Even the places between the seats were filled. They had a tiny TV out on the patio with a handful of people watching, but the glare from the sunny day made it worthless. Went home, made an omelet and watched two relatively inept gangs of mostly uncoordinated wankers fight to see who could make the first Big Mistake. England won that battle, and lost the match. I was glad to see Rooney red-carded, he's a liability to the team, and really isn't good enough to justify his bad attitude. Sad to see Beckham injured. The England coach was either on quualudes or lobotomized, what was he thinking pulling Lennon before the end, and not sending a sub for someone else earlier? The Portuguese team were going for Oscar nominations, but they didn't fool the refs. On the other hand, they didn't get carded as much as they deserved - and I think bad acting calls for a yellow card.

1 pm - Arrived at Senzala Brazilian restaurant near work, hoping to catch the second half of Brazil-France. The place was PACKED. Even the places between the seats were filled. So I went to the Brass Rail, but their Hoffbrau (and hence the pretty projection screen TV) was closed. So much for their ad about being open for the whole World Cup. I guess that fell through when the USA team was shot down. So on to Chubby's Grill on Tasman & Lawrence. Had a delicious Gyros and watched a pretty decent French team eke out a narrow win over the 11 Brazilian stars. Had they played as a team instead of as a bunch of self-centered individuals, Brazil would have crushed France. This was a pretty clean game, at least the half I saw. I was surprised at how much France used its African connection to field a team. Then again, the two England players I liked best are black - Lennon and A. Cole.

Came home by way of Fry's, got the rest of the wireless kit I needed, programmed it and then took a turn at the piano, playing Elvis tunes. Going to get into my swim suit and go to the apartment's pool, then be back here in time to go to dinner with edith_mf who is bribing me with olives.

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