Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Movers were very disappointing

They were an hour late, 11 am gave me an estimated finish time of 4 pm. Called them at 4:30, 6 pm estimate. 6:30 they called to have me walk through the house but they were nowhere near done. What part of "move everything" did they not understand? I pointed out the vacuum cleaner in the hall closet twice, but they forgot it. A big fireproof box in the office was still sitting on the floor - it has my sapphire collection. They put all the non-transportable things from the bathroom into my laundry basket WTF? lots of little things left on the floor. The litterbox was still in place - I had pointed it out twice. And so on.

They took literally the command from their boss to not pack any liquid. Bogus - the movers for the last 3 moves packed the booze. Not these guys.They also left several empty cans of things they had been drinking, as well as an empty 2-liter Coke bottle. A couple of picture frames they broke and left in a closet in another room.

But worst of all they made me fill in my name, address, destination address and phone number on 6 pages of items lists plus about 6 more disclosures. The estimator, they claimed, was $400 short on boxes. They expected I would talk to him about that. And they left windows open and tied the bedroom curtains in a knot.

I finally got back to the motel at about 8 pm.
In the meantime, before 4, I went to GO and charged the car and bought 10 20-oz bottles of diet Coke (liters won't fit in the fridge) and a couple of Annie's mac and cheese microwave cups. Finished one Coke and one mac&cheese.

Comcast, returned the Tivo cable card. It didn't scan at first but they found it on their computer.

Back at the motel, after the 4:30 call to them, I tossed a turkey frank into the microwave and topped it with mustard. This morning I snagged some paper plates and bowls and yesterday brought some plastic utensils. Also heated up water in a coffee cup and made Swiss Miss Dark.

Also watched a Vegas streamer take her boat out on Lake Mead and drown some bait. Really clear stream, beautiful view, bright sunny day. One more thing I want to do once I'm living there.

I've just finished another Coke, this time with ice, and some mint milano cookies.

Watched a lot of TV.  The motel has satellite.
Had a sleepless night, sciatica and the heater was off.
Plans for tomorrow:
Go downstairs for breakfast.
I need to phone the cleaners and warn them of the movers' destructo and leaving liquids all over the house. And ask if they have a hazmat service which can deal with that before they show up. Or before Sunday.

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