Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Poor night's sleep and lots of waiting

Once again pain got in the way of a good night's sleep. Sciatica, but not much shoulder spasm.  Hgl was okay BP was low with pulse 70. Hmmm.

Up at 8 or so, went down to breakfast. They had make it yourself waffles but it was very dry and there was only fake butter, and syrup. I probably needed to use a lot more syrup. The OJ was not recognizable. Tomorrow will stick to apple juice and pastries.

Hung up my shirts and bathrobe. Put undies in a drawer.

Cleaners were due between 1 and 2, I called my rep about having them deal with all the left-behind bottles, and he said he would talk to them about it, just send him pictures. So off to the house,took pix and texted them to him.

Back to the motel to wait till 1. Called the movers, they refunded the $400 extra box fee and said someone would be there between 1 and 4 to grab the mirror, board, USPS boxes and Sharks rug.

1 pm, set up my camp chair on the porch and read from the Kindle app. 2:30, no show. Just as I called at 2:37 the cleaners arrived. Alfonso said they would take care of the left-behinds. He asked for big garbage bags, turns out the movers took the bags and left the box. Idiots. So I went to GO and bought a box, and band aids while I was at it. Have a lesion opened on my left leg again, caused by wearing sox I think.And dried out skin.

4:30, no word from the movers, they somehow had the wrong street name. Morris Ave not Morse. There is no Morris ave in Sunnyvale. Its still took another half hour for them to get here, coming from the wrong direction in the park. They grabbed the stuff - Alfonso had moved it all to the carport, which confused me a bit.

Back to the motel after giving Alfonso my phone number. Sometime after 7 he texted photos saying he was done. I missed the message, was expecting voice. Drove home, the house is very clean but they took down the bedroom curtains, cat hairs they said, and the bathroom table was out on the carport, with many bags of left behinds. Not how I hoped they had dealt with it. I'll call a service tomorrow, because the hazmat place won't take bags of stuff. I also need to reclaim the booze and the laundry tablets and softener because I'll do laundry Saturday.

The glass shelf they broke is not the one described to me, it's the one covering the meat and vegetable drawers. They will replace that but when?

I put the table back into the bathroom. And the nest bedroom sensor onto the kitchen island.

Back to motel, ate some cookies, a couple of mini waffles, and Annie's shells and cheese FAIL again, the cheese is bland. And a couple of ice cream sandwiches. Muenster cheese did not help. Got a buzz from lack of food and diet Coke. Swiss Miss next.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call hazmat service
House - look for booze and laundry stuff
Hazmat advertises same day,we shall see
Annual theater pizza night in Saratoga

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