Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hazardous Materials Disposal WIN

Today I had one job - call Coffaro's (408) 857-1973  and arrange to have all the stuff the cleaners dumped in huge trash bags removed from the carport.

And from the shed:

I called at 9, they were there by 10:30. while I was waiting a neighbor couple volunteered to take the Roundup, but also  took all 5 of the white containers. In 20 minutes the stuff was all hauled away, and so was $600. I'd done a little pre-sort, the cleaners had taken home all the hard liquor, but they poured all the wine down the drain and left the empties in the trash bags. They also stuffed some of their lunch trash into the container recycle and paper recycle bins. :-(

Inside, I cleaned the dirty drawer with a sponge which was left behind.

Back at the motel I streamed for a bit while making a baloney and cheese sandwich, and a chatter came on to tell me about a youtube about me. Sort of. Some vlogger had seen a few of my streams a couple of years ago, and the only thing he got right was my handle. It was pretty funny, and disgusting. The guy has a filthy mind and a warped imagination.

Realtor called, asked to meet at the house at 1:30. She brought me presents - a coffee cup with a drawing of a boy and his cat, and a rug for Spook. Those will travel to LV in the car. I gave her a tour of the nice clean empty house, she was impressed.

Motel, called the taxi service to confirm a standard car was big enough for me, two bags and Spook. They said yes so I made a reservation to pick us up from the auto transport place and bring us to SJC by 1 pm.

Then I got a call from Lan, one of the regulars at park events, could I meet her so she could hook me up with a single friend who is also moving to LV. So 3 pm we met in the clubhouse and we did the Facebook friend thing. Her friend is okay looking, someone to maybe meet this summer when she moves from LA to LV.

Grocery outlet, charged the car while I bought some laundry pods and softener (the cleaners had taken mine) and a couple of cans of fruit cocktail and a "Compleat" ready to nuke spaghetti and meat sauce meal.

Back to the motel, 5:30, text from Alfonso saying he was at the house to clean that drawer. I replied I had already done that, go home. He texted that he wanted to measure the fridge to replace the broken glass. I replied that I will send his boss the model of the fridge so his company can buy the right replacement part, go home. I wonder what he left in the house that he wanted so badly to get back inside. Nothing I could see.

Watched Twitch streams and played on FB and watched TV till I got tired of endless virus scare stories and endless primaries speculation.  Cooked the meal, finished a can of fruit cocktail, drank some cola, had a couple of ho-hos, and when 9:45 came along drove to Saratoga for the 22nd annual theater pizza night. Only three others showed up (last year there were about a dozen) and one more wandered in after 11:30. The place closes at 10:30 but this theater pizza thing is an every other Friday event, and the bar stays open so they let us stay late. We left around midnight. Lots of enjoyable conversation.

Motel, that burning smell in the microwave was the coffee cup telling me it is not microwave safe as I heated water for Swiss Miss. I may need to use the coffee maker instead. Or get the gift cup from the car.

Plans for tomorrow:
Breakfast (banana and HB egg and milk)
Back to the house, get the model of the fridge
At the motel, try to find a manual/part number
Lunch with J
Do laundry
Maybe go out for dinner, but maybe there's still a lot in the fridge which will be left behind.

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