Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Leap Day

Pretty much as planned. HB egg and banana in the motel room, to the house to get the model number of the fridge and put a load of laundry in the washer. Motel, looked up online the fridge part & emailed the cleaners.

J got lost and was way late picking  me up, Chinese place for lunch in MV, turned out to be incredibly busy/noisy dim sum time.

Dropped off at motel, drove to house, laundry into the dryer. GO, charged the car- it charged for an hour, not the usual 30-minute cut-off, so 97%.

House, collected the laundry.

Motel, watched TV, NFL combine. Reserved a rental car

My ear started itching, burning like crazy so off to 7-11 for Benedryl spray but they didn't have any, so Cortisone 10 or something, Q-tips and  Kraft mac and cheese cup. By then the ear was almost normal.

Motel, treated the ear, cooked the mac & cheese, finished half a quart of milk and a couple of cups of hot chocolate.

Very tired, went to bed at 9:30.

Good sleep till 2:30 am, fired up the laptop to copy flight info into Google Keep and write this.

Plans for later today:
Final packing
Pick up Spook
Drive to Burlingame
Drop off the car
Catch a taxi to San Jose airport
Fly to Las Vegas via LA
Taxi to rental car
Rental car to Petsmart in Henderson
Drop off Spook
Drive to hotel
Find some dinner

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