Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

March Fool's Day

Long story short, I am in Las Vegas, checked into a hotel for the week, Spook is checked into a pet hotel.

Left the motel at 9, which was too early. Got to the Mountain View pet hotel as it was opening (late). Picked up Spook and drove to the car transport place. Got there an hour before the scheduled taxi pickup. Taxi got us to the San Jose airport way early (no traffic).

Took Spook to the First Class check-in, and as they were going over the rules they discovered that their cargo folks don't accept the kind of carrier I brought. I'd given the reservations person the make and model when I made the reservation so WTF? After some brainstorming, they went to the storage area and found a carrier. Better built, somewhat larger, and even hunted up a clip-on food & water dish. They tie wrapped the gate closed and I thanked them profusely.

90 minutes to wait for my flight to board. I was the first on, thanks to first class and looking old.

Wobbly flight, the plane is not all that stable.

Got to LAX, made a pit stop and only had 5 minutes before boarding. Bigger plane, lots of turbulence. Landed in Las Vegas and it started raining.

My bag was the first one off the carousel, and then Spook was brought out as soon as I had my bags on a cart. They snipped off the ties for me. Took a taxi to the car rental place, Avis workers were chatting and eating and had no time for the only customer in line for about 5 minutes.

Got to the car, and instead of a Ford it was the dreaded Camry. No time to argue, 6 pm and pet hotel closes at 7.

GPS took its time finding a satellite, but one U-turn later and it led me to the PetSmart and I got there with 20 minutes to spare. Spook was pooped.

GPS got me to my hotel, I gave the car to the valet and checked in. Room 1109. The key card made a green light come on but the handle didn't move. Downstairs to the desk, she had given me the wrong room number. That solved the problem.

Unpacked, went to the 24 hour restaurant on the ground floor and was surprised - they have a fairly full Chinese menu, a small IHOP type menu and some burgers. The egg drop soup was superb. Beef Chow fun was okay - the beef was mostly tender but they used pot thai noodles instead of the wide ones. Tasty veggies fried into it just like the real thing.

Back in the room with a diet Pepsi and ice. Wifi is too slow for Twitch. I may visit the library for that.

Plans for tomorrow:
Avis, change to a better car
Look for a place to get my nails done
The rest depends on the weather

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