Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Surprise Tuesday

Installed the Albertson's app on my phone but it rejected my email address. Turns out it is the same system as Safeway. Had I known that I'd have saved $$ on my purchases there using the Club Card.

Banana and cheese in the room for breakfast. Drove to the neighborhood library, The Whitney Library. It's big and fairly modern and has fast wi-fi. I hooked up the laptop, and about noon there was email from LV realtor saying the car transport driver called her to say he would be there between 2 and 4. So I nipped back to the hotel to get my car keys (the ones in the car are my spares), called the dispatcher to confirm they were delivering the car to the mobile home park not the hotel, called LV realtor to let her know I was returning the rental car and would take a taxi to the park and wait for the car there.

Returned the car, taxi driver took a long route without using his GPS, he had no idea about the numbering system on Tropicana.

$50 and about 45 minutes later I'm at the mobile home park, the car is already there - delivered before 2. Got my parking permit and went over the closing instructions. I need to get a cashier's check for $751 for closing costs, and another one to pay back the current owner for March rent. Due Monday 1pm.

If the movers arrive before then, there may be issues.

Since me and Spook are due to check out on Monday, I made a reservation for Monday-Tuesday at pet friendly Motel 6. I figure after the closing I can pick up Spook and a food/water bowl and a litterbox cartridge. If the movers have not arrived we have somewhere to go.

Dinner at the hotel, the Chinese BBQ pork ribs were almost meatless. The egg drop soup was fine and the bread pudding was a major production with way too much whipped cream and a scoop of ice cream.

Transferred more $$ from brokerage to checking just in case. Will use savings for the closing costs.

Plans for tomorrow:
BofA for finances
Whitney library for wi-fi
Charge the car


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