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UPS was supposed to deliver my cable installation kit to the hotel today. The hotel is open 24/7/366. UPS claims they attempted delivery but the business was not open at 10:30 am. They will try again Monday. At 10:30 I was in the library updating my address on a bunch of sites - the wifi at the hotel is painfully unreliable. They had my phone number, they were supposed to text me. Crickets.
Breakfast was my last banana and mylast laughing cow cheese and a small diet cola.

At the library just before 10, in time for the 10 am opening. Lots of homeless people live in the library during the day. Lots of crying babies. Lots of kids skipping school. This is not your librarianship degree holder's library. One guy spent the whole time I was online standing at the help desk just chatting with the help. Nonstop. This is a Thing[TM] in Las Vegas, bending the ears of people who were not put there for you to chat with. Supermarket check out lines are 5x slower because everyone uses the cashiers as their long lost chat buddies.

I did some exploring, the car GPS said there was a charger at a solar company sales office in a strip mall, but it lied. On the way there I saw a Bangkok 9 restaurant, and it was lunchtime, so I headed in that direction but before I got there I saw a sign forThai Food Kitchen. Brand new place in a still being built shopping center.

The waitress was out of my dreams. Tiny, long straight hair, prefect backside, spoke Thai. Very friendly. I ordered Cha Yen and it was delivered in a small Mason jar.

After I was finished, she asked if I wanted to keep the jar.

Appetizer was beef satay (satay is Thai transliteration for steak, so technically only beef is real satay).
It was fine, but the peanut sauce did not have any curry in it, the cucumber salad needed the cukes sliced finer, and it was missing red onion shreds and vinegar.

I did not photograph the shrimp fried rice. It was excellent, though the tomato chunks were too big, it had all the other ingredients and was non-greasy. Yummy.

Stopped off at CVS for Polident and B-complex vitamins.

Back to the hotel, I really should have hit the hong naam before leaving the restaurant because as soon as I got into the hotel room there was a waterworks display.

Changed underpants, blow dried and then hung my cutoffs to dry, turned on the TV to the XFL game and ended up taking a nap for 2 hours.

I finished my last chocolate milk, they don't sell it in the gift shop so off to Albertson's where my Safeway club card worked. Also got Kraft singles and bananas.

Hotel, loaded the fridge, tried to change my address on the UPS site but kept getting disconnected. :-(

Decided on a light dinner, downstairs. Fruit platter and a chocolate shake. Why did they bring the shake 10 minutes before the fruit plate? It was a big fruit plate - watermelon, pineapple, honeydew, unripe strawberries, a small bunch each of green and dark seedless grapes, cantaloupe. A tiny banana nut cupcake and under all the fruit a lettuce leaf.

It was way too filling and I only had room for 1/4 of the shake. 

Finished the book I was reading and started #2 in the 7-volume set. Seven different books by different authors.

Back to the room, drank one chocolate milk on ice, am sipping orange crush which I bought at the gift shop before I knew how close Alberston's was.

Online had just enough of a connection to confirm Cox Cable sent the kit to the right address.

The weather is looking threatening. Dark clouds and wind.

Daylight time kicks in tonight. No 2 am, we go straight to 3. I'll fix the clock in the room. All the other clocks will take care of themselves. Phone, tablet, laptop.

Plans for tomorrow:
If the weather gets wet, stay in and watch football.
Maybe charge the car
Maybe drive by the new mobile home park.
Maybe tour the wetlands preserve museum

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