Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Starting to understand the neighborhood

Banana and American Singles. Chocolate milk. I am drinking too much and my diuretic knows.

2 am I woke up in time to change the clock radio. Phone, tablet, laptop are automatic.

Slept in, not even counting the loss of an hour.

Drove to Sam's Town, the next casino-hotel up the highway. Found Chargepoint chargers in the garage, plugged in and walked around the property a bit. Huge waterfall construct. 15 minutes added only 6 miles to the battery.

To the library, did some more changes of address. 2 pm they were playing an indie movie, written, directed, starred by one woman, Lake Bell. In A World... It's a story about the egotistic personalities in the voice-over business. It starts with Eva Longoria being voice coached by Bell, but soon she is shunted aside and the script becomes a soap opera involving Bell's screen sister, brother in law played by Rob Corddry, overbearing voice-over legend world's hairiest man dad Fred Melamed and his protegé Ken Marino. Bell lands a prestigious contract, but dad and protegé both thought they were more deserving and send in audition tapes.

Photography is okay, editing is a bit rough, the script shows major revisions, Eva basically gets thrown under the bus. Bell's voice is nowhere near good enough to convince us she's the Next Big Thing.

There was a discussion after the movie. Apparently they show a movie at 2 pm the second Sunday of each month, but none next month because Easter. Knives Out is next.

Back to the laptop table, watched DrWD40 on Twitch. wrapped that up, drove out to the mobile home park and beyond, parked in the wetlands park.
There was some water in the creek. Checked out the back gate to the mobile home park. Did not see a sensor, but the gate is on wheels.

Hotel, picked up the tablet, drove back to Sam's Town, plugged in the car, got a player's card, had dinner at the buffet. Much better spread than Sunset Station, especially the desserts.

Full, back to the car. On the way there was a light show at the waterfall, but too crowded to watch. Car was fully charged, my EVgo card made it free. Yay! Not as fast as the Terrible Herbst chargers.

Back to the hotel, watching American Idol, where they prefer emo to talent.

Restocked my meds containers, broke out a fresh insulin vial and syringes. I am down to my last pair of q-tips.

Plans for tomorrow:
Banana & cheese breakfast
Expecting Cox Cable kit delivery to hotel
1 pm house closing meeting!!!!!
Walk through and figure out the floor plan
May need to move the desks
Will need suggestions for handyman

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