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Cabled and Internetted, finally

It has been a heck of a week. The movers did a crappy job of labeling boxes, and an even worse job of packing by room. I have not dug through all the boxes by a long shot, but it is clear they lost a lot of stuff. The delivery folks did put the computer desk and TV stand together, but they could not find the legs or motor for the bed frame, or the pump for the sleep number bed. Clothes hampers are missing though they may be in a box I haven't opened yet.

I had all the wires for the home theater and PC in three mesh metal baskets, the home theater wires made it but the idiot who did the PC took each wire and connector out of the basket and wrapped it in an individual piece of packing paper. I found most of them in a box which still had the monitor wrapped in a moving blanket (they should have unpacked that). I literally tripped over the power supply for the router. I am still missing the power cord for the sound bar.

The remote control switches which were at the ends of all the light pole cords are missing. Items from the office closet were mixed with items from other parts of the office.

Kitchen boxes look like they are labeled, but not the one for the microwave or the diabetes supplies. I'll start digging in tomorrow.

Today's adventures started with the cable guy coming over at 10:30, he did a good and quick job of installing two lines, one for the internet and one for the TV. He did not bring a cable card but he did install the cable box.

Drove to the cable office, got a cable card for the Tivo, then to Verizon and bought a Samsung Galaxy 10 to replace the old Pixel 3.

Home, installed the cable card, it took an hour on the phone with support to get it working because the bozo who gave me the card accidentally removed it from my plan. It was already on there. The card needed a firmware upgrade. Before the upgrade it said to call 800-222-2222 for installation support. That's a phone sex line.

The home internet came up with only two reboots of the modem and router. Google home and alexa are talking to me again.

The Tivo actually found the right channels for my to do list items. Cox HD channels start at 1002, Comcast at 702.

In the excitement I missed Nancie's Pie Day segment on the Hallmark Channel.

The kitchen and laundry room are now home to Spook's stuff. Water and food in the kitchen, litterbox in the laundry room after I moved a cabinet which is better for woks and pans than it is for chemicals. It's seriously blocking things at the moment.

AG called, we talked for 45 minutes.

With the sleep number out of action, I'm sleeping on the sofa bed in the livingroom. Comfortable, but the bathroom is all the way on the other side of the house. Replacement pump was supposed to arrive today, but got delayed till Monday.  :-(

Movers promised to get someone out here to find the bed parts, but I went to sleep number and got an estimate on a replacement frame anyway. $2k.

Plans for tomorrow:
Open as many of the kitchen boxes as possible and put stuff away. This kitchen is much smaller and storage is arranged differently. And of course they used way too many boxes.
Continue to add apps to the new phone

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