Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Tivo, Kitchen and PC progress

After the morning banana, it was off to Verizon to return the Samsung phone, since it doesn't like my touch. Did not recognize my fingerprints and often ignored my key presses. But they are closed Sundays. Okay, on to Cox to return the cable box which I don't need since getting the Tivo cable card to work. They are closed Sundays too. Best buy, returned a router which I had hoped had a compatible p/s with mine, but it didn't, and I literally tripped over the p/s in the guest bedroom amongst the wrapping papers.  And picked up a sound bar I'd got for half price, since there is no power cord for mine. It may or may not show up later.

Home, watched some random TV, went to YouTube to catch up  on The Bachelor, and he screwed things up even worse than I thought he would.

Heated up a turkey tetrazini for lunch and finally got off my butt and started unpacking the kitchen boxes. The randomness of the packing job is astounding. I found the microwave, yay, because the one the previous owner left behind is gutless. Also found the toaster and can opener. All the SodaStream bottles were in one box, but not the device or the cartridge. My set of tumblers were split between two boxes, and random glassware appears individually wrapped here and there. After I empty a box, I put the packing paper back in and it fills the box. They never heard of glass packs.

Streamed for 45 minutes, VegasDogLife came in to chat.

Watched Masked Singer from last week, a new one was recording tonight. The Tivo is smart enough to find the new channels which my to-do list items are on.

Spook has been on top of her tree most of the day, but has been out and about a bit, she has a spot by the recliner she parks when I am watching TV.

Plans for tomorrow:
Banana & egg. I found the egg slicer.
10 am car maintenance appointment
Return the phone and the cable box
Order a home car charger
More unpacking
Sleep number pump is due

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