Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A day of (mostly) productive waiting

Arrived at my 10 am Nissan appointment, they had a full staff on hand for both service and sales, and plenty of service customers, but not many on a Monday morning for sales. My car was done in an hour, a software update fixed the mysterious depleted battery issue. Tires rotates. $25 all told.

Brought my new Samsung Galaxy 10 back to Verizon. Sales guy said they just started being closed Sundays yesterday. Bought a Pixel 4 XL. Much easier to operate.

Tried to return my useless cable box to Cox. They were fully staffed and there was a 15 minute wait. Turns out the box was part of a promotion. If I returned it, they would add $60 to my monthly bill. They suggested putting it in a closet for 2 years.

Shopping trip to Albertson's. Packed for a Monday afternoon. Bread aisle was empty except for an overpriced local "healthy" brand. They still had challah, though. Many meat cases were empty. No bulk pasta but plenty of boxes of mac & cheese. Big boxes of Orville Redenbacher popcorn were gone, but a handful of small were there, and big boxes of the other brands. No house brand 2% milk, but all the others. Lots of cashiers, way too many people using self-check-out. Only waited 5 minutes in line for a cashier. She did not ask if I found everything I was looking for.

Sleep number bed pump was delivered. I hooked it up and it inflated into its impression of a whale decomposing on the beach. Had to unzip the mattress and push the foam frame bits into place and straighten out the air bags. Spook helped. Re-zipping was a PIA because the gripper slid off the end of the zip. But now I have a sleepable bed for tonight, no more sofa bed in the livingroom.

The grocery cashier says in Nevada they call it Commiefornia

Tivo did not record PTI, instead I got a pre-draft ESPN talking heads analysis. Two episodes of Aquarium, I fell asleep before they determined whether the big female bowmouth guitarfish was pregnant. I need to not record any more of that incredibly juvenile boring show. God Friended Me was, as usual, well acted and scripted but the required happy ending was obviously changed from the original intention. The main friend suggestion was for The Maltese Falcon movie, and the main plot was about a stolen ring which was far more valuable than it appeared. The Maltese Falcon was a jewel encrusted golden figure. In the move the figure turned out to be a fake. But they didn't use that ploy in the episode.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay inside
Eat three meals relatively on time
Unpack more of the kitchen boxes
clean up the packing paper in the guest bedroom
Call Linda about the mail


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