Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

DMV FAIL, mail PASS, shifting, IRS foo, Home theater setup,

One banana and some Kraft singles for breakfast. The two half dozen pre-cooked HB eggs were on the last day of "use by" and were inedible - slicer wouldn't slice them. Might be usable as handballs.

11 am DMV appointment, I checked the web site, nothing about closures and they texted me a reminder Friday. But they were closed. :-(

Home, did a lot of shifting. All the "empty" boxes (aka stuffed with packing paper) were moved from in front of the office/kitchen to the foyer, which is sort of a second livingroom by the front door. I also gathered all the packing paper from the floor of the guest room and shoved it into empty boxes and moved those against the wall in the foyer.

Spent a couple of hours untangling speaker wires and HDMI cables, and set up the home theater receiver with the Tivo, Amazon Fire and Blu-Ray player. Wired the 3 front speakers, probably will leave the surround sound speakers off. It took some trial and error to get the right devices plugged into the right ports on the receiver. Had to also program the Tivo remote to use the receiver's volume control and programmed the TV to use the optical audio output.

Called the realtor, she said she had mailbox keys for me, and the secret code for finding my mailbox among the many by the 2nd community center. I'm used to a mailbox in front of the house, but here it's centralized. There was a ton of mail. Three weeks of shopping flyers, many pieces from my new Medicare providers, my gas bill, which allowed me to set up autopay, the official house insurance and car insurance paperwork, a check from my home buyers reimbursing me for utilities, and another check, a refund for my CA car insurance unused month.

And a letter from the IRS asking for proof that I had withholding from Social Security and unemployment insurance.  WTF? They are supposed to have those on file automagically. This prompted my Big Move of the day, pushing the file cabinet from the back of the bedroom closet to the front of the house by the "office". Spook led the way. Spook came close to getting run over a few times. There was a small dolly which helped a little.

Copied the 1099 forms and put them in the envelope. Placed a shark 'forever' stamp on the envelope.

Back in the car, drove to the post office and put the IRS envelope into the lobby mailbox, also donated all the mail addressed to the previous owner (marked "moved"). Next stop, BofA, deposited the checks.

Home, I had not eaten since breakfast and it was about 7 pm, so two chocolate ice cream sandwiches to balance me, napped on and off during Oak Island, then for dinner a pre-made cobb salad from the grocery store. Lots of sodas. Spook splayed out on the rug in front of me for a bit. And a packet of popcorn.

Archeology dig in the guest room for my box of envelopes and the shredder. And a packet of blank return address labels. Printed and signed an IRS change of address form, printed an envelope to send that in. Used a milk shake forever stamp. Will mail it tomorrow. Printed a page of 80 return addresses.

Missed the daily ride home again, it seems he is permanently starting and ending work an hour early now. I should catch it tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
More kitchen unpacking (install shelves)
Move camping gear to the shed
Move linens to the closet in the bathroom
Move bathroom stuff into the bathroom drawers (it's now scattered on the floor of the bedroom closet)
File a lot of paperwork
Find time to watch The Greatest Showman DVD

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