Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Stocking Up, unboxing, mail call

Was up around 6 and watched some Summer House till I was sleepy enough to go back to bed. Stayed in bed till 11:30, had a banana while watching the drive home at 12:34. He's online now an hour earlier than before.

Lunch was some fried chicken.

Opened all the kitchen boxes and unwrapped stuff. Found the diabetic supplies, paper bowls and all the other small bowls. Two ceramic bowls were in a box separate from the biggest bowl in the set, which I found a couple of days ago.

Continued to shove the packing paper back into the emptied boxes and stack them in the foyer. Spook continues to sleep either on the top tier of the cat tree in the darkest corner of the foyer, or curled up inside its hidey hole. I think I'll move the other tree into the front corner of the office.

The one remaining laundry box held the sensors for the office lamp, laundry room and the bedroom. I have the office sensor working with the office lamp, not using the laundry room lights, need to identify the bedroom sensor and put it somewhere. I only have one of the two bedroom light switches. Hmm.

Stayed inside except for a quick trip to the mailboxes. My neighbors are jerks. They park in front of the group of boxes blocking anyone else. In the mail was a change of address confirmation from my stock broker, spam from Traveler's and a power cord which was supposed to fit the original PC sound bar, but didn't. I found the right one, though, among the home theater wires. But the new sound bar from Best Buy is working fine.

I moved boxes, and relocated the laundry cabinet into the kitchen, it can hold some of the pots, but is too small for the baking sheets. Also, 2 of the pins for one shelf is missing, I'll have to hunt for it if I want the rice cooker on that shelf. Maybe a trip to Home Depot is needed.

Dinner was a salad and butterfly shrimp, with fruit cocktail for dessert. I found the canned food box. Also found the knife block with all its knives.

Took photos of broken things and stupid packer mistakes, wrote a nastygram to the movers' customer service asking for a refund for the shoddy work. Also filed a claim with the insurance company, but with a $1k deductible and only $2500 in potential claims, it's not going to help. Most of that $ is based on them paying to replace the bed frame, which they probably won't.

Watched Masked Singer from last week. The loser was Sarah Palin, who rapped that song about big butts, in her awful raspy voice, but she nailed the words. One of the panel guessed Tina Fey, so not far off. This week's show is cued up on the Tivo now.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get out of bed in time for breakfast
More kitchen box reveals
I think there is a plastic rack in the guest room which can move to the kitchen area. I have 3x as many kitchen things as I have kitchen here. A lot of items are Goodwill-able, after the plague scare is over.
Put the weather sensors outside, and set up the weather stations inside
Watch The Greatest Showman


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