Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

More kitchen box archeology, Ranch 99 and Von's

Feeling less motivated, the job is daunting. But I've been having bursts of activity. A lot of the kitchen stuff is loose, wrapped in packing paper. It's fine to unwrap and just leave it in the box. The big graphite pickling pot will probably be Goodwilled. And possibly most of my Mason jars. Many items have found their way into the big white laundry cabinet, and I have a pan drawer. I think I know where the wok will go. The flat-bottom one. The round bottom one and its stand will be donated.

I'm going to need one more cabinet. Probably will order from Walmart or Target. Or Home Depot/Lowe's.

Found the knife block and my favorite pots. The egg poacher will go away along with the smallest pan in the set.

The shelves I bought at Walmart won't work except for coffee cups. Too small.

Watched The Masked Singer. The person they unmasked is a total stranger to me. The Rhino was disappointing. Last week he sounded like a veteran country star, this week he sounded like he wasn't much of a singer at all. Dark Angel also was down a notch but still obviously a pro.

Tried to buy Apple stock, but the $$ have not completed transferring. Did buy 50 shares of Harley, they seem to be on the verge of a hostile takeover.

Delivered was the floor fan, a better shower soap dispenser** and three reams of printer paper. All I had was card stock.

**It was easy to pry the bad dispenser off the wall, but the new one fell off on its own. I need more/better silicone sealer. On order. There may be some in one of the boxes in the guest room. But probably not.

Watched the daily drive home and some of another storm chaser.

Finally set up the pacemaker monitor. It took a while but it uploaded the data to the server.

Spook has been hiding in the master bathroom. She likes the dark, and the rugs are navy.

Entertained myself on YouTube with Toby Keith music videos. He spends a lot on production and pretty women. They are superbly directed. And his songs are clever.

Picked up the mail, but instead of going home I punched the address of 99 Ranch Market into the GPS. WIN! Got some big limes, bananas, a bag of Lamyai, three cans of my favorite Thai iced tea (they had several cases of it) , frozen Ha Gow and a big red onion, grape tomatoes, 1% milk. Then across the street to Von's for items 99 doesn't carry. HB eggs, sliced olives, sauerkraut, hot dog buns. My Safeway card worked there too.

Home, put stuff away. Sliced the red onion as much as possible - it was bigger than the mandolin. Made a proper salad. Alberston's chicken, KFC mashed and gravy. Chip mint ice cream sandwich. Thai iced tea.

Plans for tomorrow:
More box excavations. There's one in the guest room which ought to be unloaded into the guest closet.
Look into a kitchen island type cabinet
Call youngest sister
CVS probably has silicone sealer


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