Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

CVS, not much else

Woke up at 5 am, made a cup of hot chocolate and sat down at the PC. Watched an episode of I Can See Your Voice: Thailand. It has been a while, and they replaced the #2 host with a younger guy who is so gay it's a matter of time before he self combusts.  The guest star was androgynous, but that was more because she was shaped like a cinder block and wore a suit. One of the contestants was a young man who was shown in time lapse becoming a drag queen. She couldn't sing at all. The final contestant, who gets to sing with the star, sang better than the star. By a lot. Blew everyone away. One thing I love about this show is when that happens, it makes everyone very happy, the star, the panelists, the audience. And me.

6:45 or so, shut down the PC and went back to bed. Stayed in bed till about 11.

Went to CVS hoping to find silicone sealer and a paint scraper. The scraper to get the silicone off the shower wall and the silicone to glue the new soap dispenser to the wall. Got superglue instead. Used my metal burger flipper to scrape the gunk off the wall, minimally assisted by Goof Off. Superglue worked great, it stuck in 20 seconds, but needs 24 hours to cure. CVS was pretty empty, maybe on average one person for every 2 aisles.

Home, spent a lot of time scraping. Once the new dispenser was in place I mostly vegged. Watched 3 hours of Gold Rush. Made Korean Beef noodles PF Chang frozen meal for lunch. Dinner was Marie Calendar turkey and stuffing bowl.

I streamed for about 90 minutes, VegasDogLife, poobur and a couple of others came in to chat.

Online, set up a Dice account for Vegas. Had to update my address on my resume.

Spook has been out in the livingroom a lot. I went onto the porch and set up a new key ring. Despite the screening, it was HOT out there in the setting sun.

Put garbage bags in all the garbage cans. I have one in the kitchen set for recycle stuff. Broke down the cardboard amazon boxes. It looks like those can go into the recycle bin as is.

Tomorrow: I think I will find the canned goods box and fill a lazy Susan or two. There is, I think, only one cabinet they fit in. Measure it and order a divider so the two of them can fit one above the other.

I should also try to empty all the boxes in the guest room which are not bookcase stuff. There is one box which should have been a wardrobe and has shirts and costume bits which came out of the guest room closet (and can got back in there).

Online shop for a kitchen cabinet again.

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