Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

More moving box archeology, spicy KFC FAIL

Stayed in bed till 1 pm. Fell into the youtube rabbit hole. Had a banana and HB egg for latelatelate breakfast.

Filled the new soap dispenser. Body wash, shampoo and conditioner. Had to prime the pumps but then it worked fine.

Emptied the "Guest Bedroom" wardrobe box. It was actually all stuff from the master bedroom, including my baseball bat, the sleep number pump, 3 of the 4 sliders for the bed frame legs (I found the 4th on day 1 in the laundry basket) , and the reason I didn't see any of that is those jerks piled about a dozen shirts from the master bedroom closet on top, and a pile of hangers on top of that. Is an effing wardrobe box, you're supposed to put a rail across the top and hang the shirts up so you can see what's below them. And label it with the right room. Jeeze. Also in there was my vaporizer, in three pieces. The shirts and hangers are now in the guest room closet. These are party shirts and hand-embroidered ones little sister made for me when I was in Charlie Brown and Camelot.  No sign of the motor for the bed frame. Maybe tomorrow.

The second switch for the bedroom lights was in that box, so now I have two which turn on/off on command, and when the sensor trips. Also found a 6-plug outlet for the bathroom so I have the clock radio, hair trimmer, toothbrush and Sonos speaker plugged in now.

Dug some canned food out of one of the kitchen boxes, and for dinner made soup out of the too-spicy KFC wings, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, garbanzo beans, canned mushrooms and water. The soup was even less edible than the wings - ran through 1/4 box of Kleenex, my sinuses leaked so much. The veggies were okay, but not the chicken.

Spook was hunkered down in the bathroom on the rug by the sink last time I made a pit stop.

Garbage day tomorrow, I had to back the car up to get to the bins. Threw out the remaining wings and the leftovers. All my recyclables fit in the bin, and all my trash in the other bin, including a change of Spook's litterbox cartridge.

Wanted to charge the car, but the outlet on the side of the carport is dead. None of the breakers was tripped, I don't think there is a switch anywhere. I'll probably find a fast charger tomorrow.

VegasDogLife was out fishing again, it inspired me to buy a license (online they took my word for it that I live here). And I ordered $100 of gear to be picked up at the Bass Pro store. The store is closed except for curbside pickup.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get out of bed in the morning
Wait for Bass Pro to say my order is ready
Pick it up
Charge the car
If the weather is good (50-50 chance) drive to Lake Mead and do some fishing
If not, shelter in place.
Move one of the tall cat trees into the corner of the office
Figure out where to put the canned stuff and the flour/sugar/baking dry goods.

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