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Just watched The Greatest Showman. It was much more than I expected, and a bit less. The less part is I expected more of his traveling circus. It ends right when that is about to begin. The more is all the feels with three romances, one unrequited and entirely fictional. Another less is stunning redhead Rebecca Ferguson playing Jenny Lind is a mediocre singer, showing off her belt voice instead of the coloratura Lind was known for. Lind also was kind of plain looking.

The freaks stole the show. While bearded lady Keala Settle is amazing, the rest of the cast is as well. Zendaya does some spectacular aerial work, Zac Efron joins in a little bit but the choreography makes him appear to be more of a participant than he is.

There are some very nice songs but the opening is not very strong.
The day started with email saying my fishing supplies order was ready for pickup at Bass Pro on the other side of town. Once again, when I got on the freeway my battery said it was dying. But sitting idle while I picked up my order it showed 30 miles, enough to get to the one fast charger I have been using. Couldn't log into EVgo app - new phone erased my login, and I forgot it was in spook's email address.

Parked at the charger for an hour, talking to little sister, who also has an all electric car and she explained that she has to plan to use non-freeways because the battery can't handle freeway speeds. Now I know. Luckily there is a good non-freeway route to the lake.

But the weather was threatening so I stayed home. Found the reason the carport outlet was dead - the master bath ground fault outlet had accidentally popped its breaker, and that also fed the carport. Fixed that and plugged in the car for a slow but full charge.

ESPN was saying PTI is back, but my program guide did not show it. Boo hiss. Maybe tomorrow. Nothing else on tivo. Another reason to watch the DVD.

I left home without breakfast or taking meds, so I did the meds when I got home, and had a snack and a frozen meal - pasta with meat sauce - for late lunch. Got in on the tail end of the daily drive home.

Streamed for 45 minutes, no one showed up to chat. 

Email from the moving company that someone would be here after 11 tomorrow to try to fix things. He'll have pins for the book cases. I spent a lot of time online looking for kitchen storage cabinets. They need to hold an 18" lazy susan. Two actually. Found a few which might work.

Moved a cat tree into the office, Spook hitched a ride while I was pushing it.

She hasn't used it much, she prefers to curl up on the floor on top of my Sharks jacket, which I really need to hang up in the bedroom closet. There are no jacket hooks or closets by the doors. No room on the carport side...that's packed with a washer and dryer.

In other news, I nuked the corrupted backups and did them over again. Much faster this time.

Plans for tomorrow:
Breakfast & meds
Hang around till the mover guy arrives
After that, there should be stuff on Tivo
And maybe storm chasers on twitch.tv
If needed, order a new bed frame
Identify a kitchen storage unit to buy
Hang out on the porch if it's warm enough 

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