Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Much progress with the kitchen, shirts laundered, Spook wrap

Remembered to have breakfast but not lunch. Hgl was good, BP was high but pulse rate is back down to 60. Lost a teeny bit of weight.

After not having any luck unclogging the toilet with two different plungers this week, it cleared itself up this morning. Yay. I have a snake on order, won't cancel because I'll probably need it in the future.

Delivered was silicone sealer which I don't need anymore, for now. It tends to come in handy, though.

Dragged the small recliner out from the corner it was parked in, and put the former office rack in its place. Two 18" and two 8" lazy Susans on it, little by little loading it with spices and staples. Top shelf has a collection of canned food. The last box I plundered had another 18" LS, not sure where it will go. Also found the tray which should have been with the cutlery holder, it's a little too wide to fit next to the holder but fits in the next drawer over. It has the lime squeezer. And the pizza cutter, and cheese slicer and a lot of other implements. Crab cracker (aka walnut cracker). Shellfish forks.

But the idiots who packed the spices went ape with the packing paper but forgot their common sense, and did not tape shut the boxes of baking soda or corn starch or one salt shaker so unwrapping them was a mess. Another wrap contained many sharp chef's knives, blades out. And they packed a can of oven cleaner in with the food. And ant bait. Spent some time putting the 30 containers with snap lids back into the box they belong in.

The Walmart shelf inserts worked in the white cabinet, coffee cups above and below. Also two tiers of glass bakeware. Some of those will be donated. I need to see if one of those inserts will fit in the cabinet I put the baking sheets in. It's deep and tall but the sheets are only deep. The wire cooling racks should go in that space.

I lit the fireplace for a couple of hours, it takes a while for it to heat up, but it's kind of cozy. Spook wanted to explore inside, I had to shoo her away.

Spook wraps up.

Watched two episodes of Oak Island.  The amount of $$ being poured into this amateur enterprise is alarming. Bigger and bigger equipment every week, with nothing to show for it except some wood and a couple of spikes.

Got the mail, there was a bill from the prescription service, but it would not let me log in.

Watched my old theater co-star Leslie stream Q&A. She has been a bona fide Broadway star for several years, but now she is stuck in her NYC apartment. Also watched the daily dive home. And I streamed for an hour, the last 15 minutes there were chatters. No storms were being chased, but the South African game preserve was following a leopard which had killed an impala and dragged it up into a tree.

Dinner was a salad, then Mega Meal Cowboy Chicken (pretty god roast chicken and mashed potatoes), chocolate ice cream sandwich.

Mid-week recycle bin deposit. I need to get kitchen boxes emptied so I can put the garbage cans somewhere better than blocking cabinets. 

Not sure when I will reload the bookcases. Low priority. Lots of paperwork to file. Also low priority.

Plans for tomorrow:
Find a clean pair of cut-offs.
More kitchen stuff
Masked Singer on Tivo. Maybe Summer House too.  
Move things into the bathrooms which belong there
Transfer my password file from the laptop to the PC. There are a few things on there which changed while I was homeless.


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