Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Haircut, emergency Walmart visit

The hair growing down the back of my neck and out the sides of my head has been bothering me. Part of today's unpacking was taking a few plastic drawers off the bedroom floor and putting them in the bathroom closet where they belonged. One of those has my pro-size hair clippers. So I fired it up and trimmed away. Not as much came off as I expected but it was enough. Showered after.

Weight was down 0.7 lbs, it will hover around that weight, I think, now that I am back to eating most of my meals. Hgl was okay, BP was high.

Meds and the usual breakfast. Explored in the guest room a little, found at least one more drawer which belongs in the bathroom.

Took a vacation from kitchen boxes because what's left is somewhat daunting. I had amassed a large collection of spices which had been neatly arranged on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet. The packers randomly wrapped two or three together and threw them into a too-large box, along with the recipe books which were in the cabinet next to them. Those should have been packed separately in small boxes. Maybe I'll haul the box over to the storage rack and use the 3rd 18" lazy Susan, which should not have been in that box.


Also need to remove Spook's temporary food, food dish and water dish & toy from the guest bathroom and put stuff in there from the old house, which the movers had dumped on the floor of the foyer.

Toilet stopped up again.

Turkey tetrazini for lunch. Watched the daily drive home, and a little bit of one storm chaser. 

Ran the dishwasher.

Made lime soda, now that I have found the citrus squeezer.

Did not want to go out, but the toilet needed snaking, and I was almost out of paper towels and out of salad greens, and most of my chocolate snacks. So off to Walmart, which had all the things. Plus ice cream and whipped cream. Spent a lot of time in there, it's a huge store and not intuitively laid out. Not crowded, but not empty either.

Home, first priority was snake the toilet, but it only helped a little. The accordion plunger did the trick. Yay.

Spent time online looking for compression sleeves for my legs, but the Amazon ones are on delayed 1-month delivery, and I did not find any in my size elsewhere.

Recorded Smile from Chaplin's Modern Times and posted it on  FB but it was all out of sync and blurry. It took three tries and trimming the first few seconds to get it to come out right. Not my best work, but okay.

Meanwhile my friend Nancie has been going bananas with her FB live streaming. Recipes and book readings. Children's books, though her children are adults now.

Watched two episodes of Summer House, one was an annotated rerun. And they showed a lot more skin. None of the couples are still together. One couple thinks they are getting married, but the guy is a jerk and it's doomed. None of the other guys are ready to Commit™. It's sad because all of the women are excellent couple material. All but one are super hot.

Dinner was a salad and beer battered fish fillets. And double chocolate ice cream with whipped cream. 

Did not get around to Masked Singer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay home!!!
Daily drive home may be early
There may be storm chasers
Pull the box with the spices over to the rack and load up the 3rd lazy Susan
Move that one drawer into the bathroom closet
Take care of the guest bathroom stuff

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