Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not a whole lot to talk about today

Overslept. Lights were on when I got up at 8:30, and hour after. Watched videos, read email and stayed in bed till noon. Shower felt strange with the haircut.

Banana and egg breakfast while checking FB and Twitch. Daily ride home was on time. No storm chasers.

Stayed indoors except for a short foray outside to put the weather station sensors up around the house.

Did not do the spice box, but did clean up the bedroom closet, moving my plastic drawer tower of Thai textiles, and arranging shirts, T-shirts, pants and costume pieces the way they had been in Sunnyvale. Emptied the backpack full of bathroom stuff into appropriate drawers in the bathroom and its closet.

Did some online shopping to replenish the bathroom cabinet. Betadine, clove oil, campho-phenique.  Found compression sleeves in my calf size, ordered a pair. American flag theme because $2 cheaper. A bag of paper pub coasters. Also Sheba meat sticks and single serving wet food.

Set up the weather display in the bedroom.

Put big band aids on my leaking shins.

Watched Masked Singer. The loser was some child YouTuber with zero singing talent and not much dance skill. Three of the judges figured out who she was. Rigged - there is no way they knew about her IRL.

Started watching Gold Rush, Parker's Trail, but it's somewhat of a rehash, to be continued.

Local news channel 13 has started reporting non-virus news. Yay.

Streamed for 45 minutes, three chatters but they dropped out after a bit. One let me know that Yosemite is closed. Bummer.

Beef strogonoff for lunch & dinner. Different brands. Chip mint ice cream for dinner dessert.

Broadway FB friend posted a clip of her singing from Annie when she was 11, so I dug out my 1986 Oz and clipped her Rainbow performance. It took a lot of massaging, something wrong with the audio track, but finally came out well in the end. Two hours of compiling.

Emptied the dishwasher.

Spook has been getting comfortable in lots of strange places, but she loves the sofa, where my jacket was thrown. I need to get a coat rack or something. There are no hall closets. Also noplace to hang the whiteboard.

Plans for tomorrow:
Guest bathroom staging
Spices and cookbooks
The rest of Gold Rush
Stay in

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