Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Chocolate ice creaming in place

Last night I remembered the missing piece to my routine, I have to say goodnight to Google, and it will ask me what time to set the alarm for, and then turn out all the lights. So this morning at 7:30 the alarm woke me.

Banana and egg, Hgl was way high because I had chocolate milk at bedtime.

Many storm chasers were out - none of them where there were actual storms. The weather channel showed some major tornado damage way far from the chasers, like 1,000 miles.

Sodastream ran out, I don't think the movers packed the spare cartridge. Ordered a pair online from the company. Stores insist on pickup, won't deliver.

Spent a lot of $ today. Shower curtain & rings for the guest bath. Home depot has inexpensive express shipping from the nearest store, so a pair of storage racks for the shed are on their way. The shed has only one narrow shelf which has some roof tiles on it. I don't want to store things on the floor.

I moved all the rugs and such from the foyer floor into there, and moved the cat stuff out. Spook was happy to get her stuffed chili pepper.

Consolidated the two laundry room boxes into one. Most of that will go to Goodwill. I may put the American flag on a pole and  put it in the holder outside.

Emptied the box with the cookbooks and spices. Cookbooks are temporarily on the gardening cart, spices are on the small lazy Susans on the rack outside the kitchen.

Emptied one bedroom box. The last one has stuff which I think I'll throw away.

Delivered was the bag of British pub coasters and the to-be-returned snake.

The backs of my ankles are seriously chapped, ordered some lotion which my doctor had recommended long ago when I didn't need it.

There are no SoftSoap refills to be had. I'm okay for now, thanks to previous owner. Lots of napkins and TP has appeared in the laundry room boxes. And some Kleenex too.

The weather data devices are working. The house gets very hot despite low temps and windy conditions outside, but keeping the front and back doors open solves that. The livingroom floor fan helps too. The ceiling fans do not.

Impulse set in and I ordered delivery food from a nearby Chinese place on GrubHub. Too much. He arrived half an hour early and ignored the drop it and leave it protocol. :-(

So dinner was wor won ton soup and honey walnut prawns.  Still to be had are one more soup, two shrimp in lobster sauce, moo shoo pork and combo chow fun. And 4 packets of rice in the freezer. And a pair of egg rolls. The fried won ton will be tossed, they are really just the fried noodles. Not very tasty.

Lunch was salad and Swedish meatballs.

Did a load of undies. Need to fold & put them away.

Spook has been rotating between her favorite spots all day, she is currently in her new favorite spot - on the rug in the guest bathroom.

Plans for tomorrow:
More kitchen boxes. Find a place for the wok. I think the baking goods will go on the 3rd big lazy Susan on the bottom rung of the rack. Sugar, brown sugar, flour, etc. Designate a drawer for the batteries. And one for the long utensils.
Measure the microwave and see about removing the el cheapo one left behind and putting mine there.
Move buckets to the shed
Stay home, watch storm chasers, find more Tivo to record.

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