Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Rabbit Holes Day

Happy last day of March. Spook has been starting the night in bed with me, usually disappears around 4 am, then comes back if I am still in bed after 8, which I was today.

Been using a lot of eye drops lately. I thought I was having flu symptoms, but they disappear overnight. Looks like pollen is the culprit.

In bed till 10:30, watching videos. Banana and egg for breakfast while checking email and FB. Then some time in front of the TV, and at 12:30, the daily drive home, followed by my favorite Vegas streamer out fishing by a pond NE of town. Her man caught 4 trout, she caught nothing. They were on for many hours, I am amazed at the signal quality and how much battery they have.

Lunch was another bit of the chow fun.

I ordered groceries from Albertson's on Instacart. Won't be using them again. At first it was okay with a delivery today within 5 hours. Then at check-out it said no slots open till tomorrow night. Nothing on there was critical, so I placed the order. Within an hour a "shopper" was gathering my food, and every now and then if they were out of something he suggested a replacement. Except for the whole Dungeness crab, which he said they were out of so he gave a refund. One of the out of stock items was very inexpensive house brand garbanzo beans, I wanted 4 cans, he substituted 4 cans of very expensive brand name ones. I texted to have him only get 2. He delivered at around 2:30. There were only 2 cans of beans but I was charged for 4. Message to Instacart got a non-answer "we'll be in touch".

Other subs were 2% milk half gallons in cardboard for 2% milk half gallons in plastic, and 12 oz diet Coke in bottles --> mini cans. Probably should have gone with full sized cans.

Finally got off my butt and went into the shed and assembled the two 72-inch high 5-shelf racks. I'm only 68" tall, so the top shelf required some creativity.Too tired to move stuff around the shed let alone relocate camping gear from the guest room.

No work on the kitchen boxes. Waiting for Amazon to deliver 2-tier lazy Susans.

For dinner I steamed the rice in a plastic bag and poured shrimp in lobster sauce over it, heated again.

Watched some NFL on ESPN program on Tivo.

PTI is not back yet.

Delivered was curtain rings for the guest shower and Eucerin lotion for the cracked skin back of my ankles.

Walmart canceled my order for a Yamaha keyboard, but Guitar Center is shipping me one. Same keyboard, same price.

Plans for tomorrow:
April Fools Day
Rent may be due, but when I checked today it said no.

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