Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

April Fools Falls Flat

Got up at 7:30, out of bed around 8. Banana and egg for breakfast, checked all the news sites - deleted the link to CBC.ca because they have gone all-virus, all the time, officially. There are other things happening in Canada and the world, focusing on fomenting panic is the easy way/coward's way out.

10-ish, drove to the drive-thru ATM and deposited the check from the mortgage company. So happy, relieved to have that albatross off my neck.

Walmart is nextdoor to the ATM, I went in the Market entrance, but the SodaStream stuff was all the way on the other side in the housewares aisles. Took me 10 minutes to find it. BB&B and Target have the bare cartridges on a rack, but Walmart had them in their boxes. Did not recognize them at first.

Pharmacy says regular insulin is $25 a vial. That's about a 4-day supply for me.

Also bought some ice cream, another pack of Little Debbie Swiss rolls (no Hostess fare on the shelves). And a red onion. People were being more inconsiderate than usual - leaving their cart in the middle of the aisle and blocking the rest with their bodies. Trying to cut me off from behind. It's not a race. They shop the way they drive. Also bought paper plates and plastic slider-lock bags gallon and quart.

Checkout took 10 minutes because the woman in front of me bought every item she can use in the next year. And then had to call her husband over to bail her out - she "only" had a $100 bill and it was $135 or so. Pleasant people, but slow.

But it's not a race.

Home, was able to squeeze one bottle's worth of CO2 out of the SS cartridge before loading in the new one. I can do an exchange some other time.

Put stuff away, did not get up the motivation to pick up the mail.

Delivered was one small UPS package with three Amazon items. Betadine, 2x campho-phenique and B complex vitamins.

Made a start with the dumped kitchen box. Clips deposited in a drawer in the kitchen, ladles, pancake flippers, slotted spoons, wooden spoons and spatulas in the drawer similar to where they had been. Added duplicates to the Goodwill pile, but will need to buy another set of drawers like the ones in the bedroom to hold the rest of the "must keep" items. Not sure what the fate will be of the pineapple corer.


The woks in the lower left will go onto a 2-tier turntable when those arrive.

Ordered sheaths for the 4 chef's knives which will be going to Goodwill. Or I may hold onto the 10" one, safe in the drawer with a sheath.

Plans for tomorrow:
Dump the final box, sort things
Maybe organize the shed

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